If You’re Traveling At 80mph, How Long Does It Take You To Go 80 Miles?


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OK, so ‘the beautiful Chelsea’ may not the sharpest protractor in the pencil case but – with this video now going viral – her husband, Travis ‘how to make a viral video*’ Chambers – will do well to avoid a divorce. Or a fake, viral divorce. Or something.

(*H/T to Garrett in comments.)

tastefully offensive

55 thoughts on “If You’re Traveling At 80mph, How Long Does It Take You To Go 80 Miles?

    1. CT

      True that

      I blame Sex and the City for convincing women all they really care about is shoes and handbags, and keep their brains clear for thinking about that only.

      And they bought it, (mostly) literally

      If a woman has 50 pairs of shoes, how many days would it take before she wears the same pair twice ?

      80 mph of course

  1. Shera Ciara

    Why why why would you want The Internet to think that your wife is pathologically confused by maths?

  2. Amadan

    I always preferred “not the sharpest sandwich in the dictionary” – first used by Conor Lenihan, as I recall.

  3. Pedanto, The Hilarity Man

    She’ll get farther in life with bad maths than she will with that thundering asshole for a husband.

      1. Pedanto, The Hilarity Man

        I do welcome pedantry, as you can probably tell, but I believe farther and further have been used interchangeably since the sixteenth century.

        1. wow

          I believe it’s “farther” when you are talking about a physical distance, and “further” for metaphorical as in this case.

  4. Miles O'Tool

    The real idiot here is the husband who laughs his way through the video and then posts it online.

    1. wow

      we see ladies making men out to be stupid in advertising all the time and in chat shows etc, funny how when the sexes are reversed people think it’s cruel and out of order…

  5. Dave

    It takes me a bit more than 1 hour to travel 120km when I’m driving at exactly 120km/h on the Cork – Dublin motorway. Turns out the speedometer in my car is not calibrated very well – I’ve been comparing it to the GPS and the GPS has me travelling only about 110km/h when the car says 120km/h. But still, blonde.

  6. Jockstrap

    Driving while holding a camera is pretty thick though. I reckon he’s a lot thicker than her actually.

    And I’ll bet she’s the one who pays the utility bills on time, makes sure he eats properly, supports him when he’s having a tough week and remembers all his families birthdays.

  7. Rob

    She seems to be just answering the wrong question…She’s trying to figure out how long it would take her to travel 80 miles under her own power..Definitely not the brightest but ..harmless. He’s a dick to post it online though.

  8. King of the Trees

    “So you’re telling me, if we travel 60 miles at 60 mph, it takes 1 hour and if we travel 40 miles at 40 mph, it takes one hour?”

    Mind blown!

    Whatever about the moral hazards of posting this on the internet, as a neutral observer, i found it pretty funny.

  9. EBS

    ‘Honey, remember I video’d you getting confused in the car?’
    ‘Well, I post it on youtube …. and it’s got 2 million hits’
    ‘2 million hits in 24 hours’ … ‘That’s 80,000 per hour’

  10. hoopla

    so, like, if I post an innnnernet video online, uh, which is me making fun of my wife, like, for answering literally a question i asked her, right, uh without me bothering to correct her when she got the context wrong, uh…..

    how fast can she sprint to the divorce lawyer?
    (about 5 miles per hour / 7 when she is fit apparently)

  11. Mindblower

    Actually, The blonde in this video was using sound logic believe it or not. Any vehicle traveling at 80 MPH will not actually travel 80 miles in an hour, the test that designates MPH is made in a vacuum (So no wind conditions c…an effect it) on a perfectly level and smooth plane (So no inclines or bumps can effect it) and with perfectly aligned tires with the exact amount of air they should have. Most cars traveling on a highway at 80 MPH will only actually go 78 to 79 miles in an hour.

    1. wow

      I have also heard that most car’s speedometers are deliberately false in that the higher the reading the more inaccurate, (in a bid to slow people down), so when they think they are doing 120 mph they are doing about 100 or so…

      1. philjoe

        This is pretty simple to prove. If you don’t have GPS turn on your smartphone runkeeper type program. It’ll give you your speed as calculated by the all seeing satellite gods in the sky. The speed in the car is about 10% slower than the one your gps shows, at least mine does

    2. Violent Elizabeth Bott

      Ah, I’d say if they are actually travelling at 80mph, they’ll actually travel 80 miles in an hour. I don’t think she was using any logic.

  12. Frank Prendergast

    Why post this? By alluding to divorce you clearly feel that it was poor judgement for the husband to post this video, so why perpetuate it and subject the girl in the video to more judgmental criticism for what was a private conversation and never intended for wider consumption.

    Surely we’ve all had unthinking and stupid conversations we would not like posted on the internet supposedly representing our intelligence.

  13. Pat Walsh

    This is contrived, and you all fell for it, they are the ones who are laughing. How many hits.?

  14. philjoe

    agree with the last post, defintely contrived. You can see her think, I swear, watch it again… the hamster twitched

  15. Garrett

    What’s awesome about this, is that Travis posted on the KiTE media blog (http://kitemediaworks.com/video-virality/) as a guest blogger about how to create a viral video…about a month before this video ever went viral. You can call him and his wife dumb all you want, but I would call them geniuses. They made well over 10 grand off of this video simply by posting in on YouTube.

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