Meanwhile, On O’Connell Street, Dublin


PETA supporters Marika Rea (blonde) and Helaine Murrin literally within the last hour demonstrating claims that it takes “approximately 50 baths full of water to produce every steak”.

A simple pie chart would have sufficed.

(Mark Stedman/Photocall Ireland)

69 thoughts on “Meanwhile, On O’Connell Street, Dublin

    1. EMC

      No they just drink that much, so obviously if cows weren’t used for their deliciousness they wouldn’t bother to drink as much water.

      I think thats the point PETA is trying to make.

  1. Clampers Outside

    Ignore PETA, they kill 99% of the animals they purport to save and if you think those running charities in Ireland make a few bob… imagine the likes of PETA and the multi-millionaires sitting a top of that worldwide reaching so called charity for animal rights, that’s one big heap of bullsh*t right there!

    I feel sorry for the girls, duped into this nonsense, at least the PR ‘models’ get to wear their bikinis.

    Support your local animal welfare charity instead which you can find here

    1. beardy man-child

      Local animal charities do far better work on the kind of funds PETA uses to buy their espresso machines. Plus they actually look after, care and provide a home and food for the animals not just spend their time emailing Pamela Anderson’s agent to get her in the nip for their new billboard campaign of her stroking a dolphin.

  2. Marky O'T

    This ad campaign really makes me think… That I would really like sirloin for lunch & google more naked wimmins on the interwebz.

  3. Slightly Bemused

    It’s an indication of how much water a cow needs to produce a steak. Peta’s argument is that water is a precious resource and we would not have to use so much if we stopped eating animals and all ate vegetables.
    Weak point in that argument? What happens to the animals you refuse to give that precious resource to? They die of thirst – a very nasty way to go. So much for loving animals.
    And is it just me, or why is it ok to use naked women to promote animal rights, but not to promote cars? After all, cars prevent us ‘enslaving’ poor horses, so they must be animal friendly, no?

    1. Brian

      Good point – and I must add that while water is a valuable resource, it is not scarce in the main places where beef comes from such as Ireland. My Sub-Saharan Steakhouse probably wont take off. The Argentinian, Irish, Scotch etc will probably do better. I grew up on a farm and the water comes out of a well in the ground and before that it comes from the sky. What’s wrong with that!

      Actually, I’ve realised I just don’t get the relevance of all this

      1. robbgoblin

        50 baths to produce a cow that can be slaughtered for a steak, or 50 baths to produce just the steak? Crazy argument…silly PETAs.

        1. Koya

          Depends on the bath I guess. 1 kg beef costs 15,500 L water.

          The concept of virtual water costs is well established and a cause for concern even in Ireland where, it will surprise most people, we do have concerns over water resouces due to demographics, problems with infrastructure and drastically changing rainfall patterns (See Maynooth based ICARUS research).

          For an introduction to Virtual Water, try this
 or any article recently by Lestor Brown

    2. rapmachine no diggidy no doubt

      you wouldnt need to let the animals die of thirst, just stop breeding so many of them

  4. Pedanto, The Hilarity Man

    Is there anything on earth as radiant as Peta’s contempt for the people they are trying to appeal to?

  5. Brendan

    Brings a tear to the eye that so much time is spent making sure my steak is just right… Mr farmer with these 50 baths you’re really spoiling us.

  6. Humans Eh!

    Dear sir/madam I have never been turned on by a pie chart in my life.
    Vegetarians are vagitarians too you know.

    Women are used in these campaigns because the mere sight of a nakedish woman stirs a primal response.
    Sometimes we forget that we are just fellow whose only advantage is that we can create our own weapons. But whose bestial nature, tempered by a veneer of civilisation
    is embraced by those who profit from our animal urges (sex & death)
    The whole vegetarian/carnivore debate is as pointless as the religious/atheist one.
    too much money to be made through exploitation.
    Money/power wins every time.
    humans eh?

  7. Manic Miner

    At first I thought it said 1 steak = 50 baht. Thats only a little over €1. Bargain!

  8. slaphead

    There’s probably 500 better reasons not to eat steak but they wouldn’t involve naked women and suds.

    that said the comments above are so ill-informed and wilfully dull you’d have to give serious consideration to a little poison in the water supply. Or contraceptives at the very least.

  9. Sido

    Is it something to do with the dead skin that comes of me when I have a bath?
    After 50 baths I would have enough dead skin for a steak?
    Though in truth it would probably be more like a burger.

  10. bangalore

    Um I’m vegan and i have to say, how much water was used was never a factor in my decission to become vegan. What the hell we’re they thinking using this as an argument to become vegan!

    1. robocan

      Yeah, how much water every year is wasted on plants!

      Peta are a ridiculous bunch altogether

  11. Eamon

    I don’t care what they are trying to prove… get them to prove more stuff…….loads more

  12. Mollie

    By my reckoning if a steak = 50 baths then
    a beefburger = 100 toilet flushes. I may be wrong.

    What’s a lamb chop + a steak + 7kg of mince equal to in gallons ? (before water charges but after slaughtering and butcher fees)

  13. Fieldy

    I was wondering what that guy with the ‘SAVE THE ATLANTIC OCEAN’ sign was doing outside Ennis Butchers.

    1. Muffy

      Puta means prostitute in spanish. I looked at this and thought it was some sort of organisation holding a “slut walk” type event. I was disappointed to discover it was highlighting the far less pertinent issue of delicious steak being a naughty food.

  14. Dazza

    Dumbest protest I’ve seen in a while. It took over 100 gallons of water to make the cotton knickers they are wearing. When they got back into their clothes (a pity) they were probably dressed in jeans which take 1800 gallons of water to produce (on average).

  15. L

    How can you take anything seriously from an organisation that genuinely proposes that the entire human race ceases to consume animals?

  16. Mass lover...

    *Steve clicks “Post Comment”, reclines, picks what appears to be a hula hoop from beneath his right breast flab, sniffs it, then eats it*

    1. Mass lover...

      Gah! That was a response to a misogynistic comment that was subsequently deleted…

  17. HectorRamirez

    You know a campaign is failing when they have to ‘pull in’ a reason from another cause to back up the original.

  18. Michelle Moloney king

    Really? Really? I mean come on…..did ye really have to use play bunnies?

    I mean, what not keep it equal and throw in some guys at the very least!

  19. Stevie G

    If I saw a bit of fanny on O’Connell street I might stop and listen to their argument!

    By the way, you have to soak chick peas and legumes for hours to make them even edible so the tarts are flogging a dead horse (or vegan equivalent) with that!

  20. Paul

    Molloys do a mouth watering medium rare steak for 9.95, just off the end of Talbot street, nom nom nom nom.

  21. Carlos

    Strange angle to take on the not eating meat argument. But it’s got you lot talking and probably plenty more, so job done I suppose.

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