15 thoughts on “How Did They Get Away With It For So Long?

  1. bangalore

    Garda Burns: like chinese burns but located on the coccyx relulting from being dragged accross a station to a holding cell

  2. The End

    As the victim of a FF TD abusing his power, to transfer a garda around the country, for doing his duty, I know why the Garda investigation went nowhere. What is the point when the result would be a cover up and punishment for the gardai who would dare to take on the authourity of FF.

  3. Kolmo

    Millions and Millions of euro in total costs to run a tribunal to tell us what we already know – that those in power do not give a flying fig about our society. That is a few schools, elderly care units, mental health facilities, cancer units, libraries, that have been paid to barristers in cash simply because they LIED. This current round of corruption has retarded our country back 30 years, a social timebomb, the criminal wasting bastards – and we now are getting threatened by the government that they will raid our bank accounts and prosecute us to pay new bullshit taxes on top of all the other taxes we aleady pay/paid…

    1. Three Broadsheets to the Wind

      I wouldn’t mind the expense of the Tribunal if anyone would actually be held accountable, serve time and for radical change to be brought upon the political system in Ireland. Seeing as that is just not going to happen we are simply throwing good money after bad.

        1. paul

          gilmartin was threatened by lawlor ‘on behalf of the government’ that “men had ended up in the liffey for less”. The guards helped cover all this up.

          To excuse the gardaí for this corruption of justice because they may be ‘moved around the country’ is a sorry commentary on what we expect from our police force.

          1. The End

            Just like all the Russian police who have succeeded in exposing the corruption of Putin???

            Get real – the whole system/Govt. was/is there to protect their own, any level within the Police force has no chance against that.

  4. Paul

    I’ve witnessed corruption a lot being friends with the daughter of a sergeant. Mostly the keeping of weapons, fireworks, drugs after confiscation. – Must be totally commonplace

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