17 thoughts on “Existential Mahon Conclusion

  1. rugbyfan

    The smug MotherF***er has to be got someway other that words in a report.
    Can he be impeached for bringing the Office of An Taoiseach into dispreute?

  2. urbanstroller

    I still cringe remembering the cries of “Ah leave poor Bertie alone” when he was under scrutiny in the dying days as T-shock. The treacherous scurvy bastard!

    We get the Government we deserve…

    Make Mongo Mad!

  3. A Brian Kennedy Rugby Tackle

    So thats it, WE are all to blame.

    I’m off home to self flagellate.

  4. jjjj

    if you swap the word ‘corruption’ for ‘abuse’, you could believe you were reading a report on the church.

  5. Gillian

    This is what annoys me the most. My grandfather used to talk about FF as being corrupt way back in the 50s. It was known. And yet, election after election they were put back in the Dail. That is the sickening thing. We saw what Haughey did, we saw all of those tribunals in the 90s, and yet the majority of the electorate continued to vote for that shower. It’s unbelievable. I am proud to say I never gave FF a vote, not even a 3rd or 4th preference. If you did, please for the love of God learn from this.

    1. NeilH

      You’re right of course.

      Maybe next time I should vote for Labour and their Union buddies? Or how about FG, sitting up pretty with Dinny O’Brien. Or the Shinners? Or UWP? PBP? Jacky Healy Ray?

  6. limey_tank

    Thing is, I have a feeling that “Mumbles” Kenny and his shower are also up to it.

    Kenny in secret meetings with demonstrably corrupt “copyright reformer” Chris Dodd, and a few months later Sherlock tries to ram his little project through without consultation and debate.

    What rewards were promised for that?

    1. paul

      and on a completely different topic, how’s denis o’brien getting on these days….


      ‘During a Dáil debate on the final Moriarty Tribunal, Taoiseach Enda Kenny promised the report would be acted upon, and that the new Government would show that they could “not be bought, cheapened or exploited by politicians, banks and businesses…whoever they might be”.

      The Moriarty Tribunal found that Michael Lowry “secured the winning” of the 1995 mobile licence for Denis O’Brien. It also found that Denis O’Brien made two payments to Deputy Lowry in 1996 and 1999 totalling 500,000 Irish punts, and supported a loan of £420,000 sterling given to Lowry in 1999.’

        1. True Kilcockian

          When Fine Gael found out the Michael Lowry was taking bribes they kicked him out.

          When Fianna Fail found out Michael Lowry was taking bribes they knew that they could do business with him.

          Fianna Fail isn’t just a civil war dinosaur it is a home for all corrupt politicians.

  7. steve white

    mahon i presume isn’t talking about the public but about the people who voted for these corrupt politicians

  8. Andy Moore

    ” So how de ye’s get all that bread for doing shag all except for sittin’ pretty & lettin’ everything just flow off yer backs”

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