18 thoughts on “GAA Logo?

  1. JoeK

    It was planted by a Led Zeppelin fan. He ran out of seeds. That’s the story around here anyway.

  2. Bob Coggins

    This is not coillte land, nor is it in Leitrim. The land belongs to Jim Mc Cabe, formerly of The World Bank, who lives in the fantastic thatched house in the bottom right of the first photo. He planted that whole hill (known as ‘tír’) in the early nineties, and planted the design in the centre in Japanese Spruce (Im nearly sure) by plotting the hill using plastic bags, ground pegs and a two way radio to give instructions from the hill opposite. It’s always a different shade to the other trees (Norwegian spruce, I think). The land used to belong to Cummins, and still hosts two Pylons from the old Barites mines that operated on top of the mountain there, transporting the raw product down to below that hill for processing. Fantastic climb/hike if you are ever in the area.

        1. Bob

          Well, actually the world bank connection isnt necessarily a bad thing, Jim was in Sligo VEC initially, and played senior football for Cavan. And its only about 150 yards from the Sligo border, so the area is really a shared resource!
          This has just made me realise that our little part of ireland is completely under exposed and punching below its weight.

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