42 thoughts on “Household Charge: That ‘Final Reminder’ In Full

  1. rapmachine no diggidy no doubt

    heh, my dad went into the post office to get a form last week, he came out only to discover the whole thing was in irish. into the bin it went

      1. rapmachine no diggidy no doubt

        what’s a 75 year english speaking gent supposed to do with a form that he can’t read, frame it?

      2. w

        Irish wasnt taught in my school up north, therefore its not the national language! English was though! lol

  2. SG

    The beautiful irony in this is that An Post provide the information without the facility to actually pay the charge on their premises.

    1. dangermse

      Because of course the government didn’t want to pay An Post to handle the collection of the money, or to deliver a bill to every address with a barcode so they would know who paid etc. etc. As my son would say ‘Epic Fail’ for Minister Hogan

    1. w

      absolute disgrace that they make those on the dole pay whilst government ministers’ properties are exempt, what an abhorrent shower of bastards.

      1. ivan

        we’ve been through this. A property owned by the Government, through a minister, is exempt. In other words, a property owned by the Minister for Agriculture, rather than Simon Coveney TD, is exempt.

        You’re muddying the waters with this. However, screwed up parts of this tax are, the ‘Ministers private homes are exempt’ schtick is a complete red herring.

        1. Continuity Jay-Z

          These are Parlimentary questions, no legal basis in them at all, at all, at all. The only thing that can happen is that the Minister answering the question can be sanctioned for misleading the Dail. The wording is dire ‘Residential property owned by a Minister of the Government’. Dire.

          1. Clampers Outside

            Yup, what Continuity said. If the minister decides not to pay, the wording is so vague, that if caught not paying, he could easily just say that he/she didn’t have to.

            Legal wording needs major tightening up!

  3. fill3rup

    Final reminder usually comes after numerous unpaid bills..so I don’t see how this can..

    Oh forget it..

    1. rapmachine no diggidy no doubt

      that’d be some craic, a million renter all register for the tax and not one of the eligible

  4. Resident

    I live in an estate where the Mgt company run our estate – they replace the lighting, clean the streets and I pay them – 2k a year for that, our Government can stick their household tax up their Arse!!

    1. Clampers Outside

      I’m in that same boat. I believe that no property mgt companies will be getting anyway involved in the Property Tax …nor the Water Charges when they come in.

      2,000 sounds a lot, just sayin’

  5. Mrs Stapleton

    Also, if you want to sell your house, you’ll need a certificate to show you’ve paid your household charge.

      1. ivan

        he’s not. You will. A certificate of compliance with the household charge/nppr charge (if applicable) will effectively become a title deed to your house, along with a BER Cert. It’s not a Title Deed, but it has to be furnished to the purchaser from the get-go.

  6. Mike Baldwin

    is it Cabra West? Oh, and just pay the bloody charge. I am in the somewhat envious position of having plenty of money so I don’t mind at all helping out some of you more impecunious oiks with this triffling tarriff – Name and email withheld for logical reasons.

  7. Miles O'Tool

    Can pay – won’t pay!

    Our government are willing to browbeat the ordinary people but don’t have the balls or brains to take on big business.

    We have taken a lot over the last few years without any civil disobedience.

    As a member of the “coping class” I just want to have a voice heard.

    I am Spartacus!

    1. cluster

      ‘Big business’ should be tackled but the ‘coping classes’, as you put it, don’t pay enough taxes. We pay less than our European neighbours yet reward our public servants more generously.

  8. slaphead

    This “reminder” is the first piece of literature we’ve gotten on it. Maybe the “No Junk Mail” worked earlier. Anyway it has nothing to do with me.

    When they increase the tax rates for those “earning” over 100k and 200k (different increases respectively) then we can discuss a fair property tax.

    1. paul

      I think most people would agree to a proper sliding scale for taxes, I mean including people on big salaries. This isn’t the states, we have the willingness to provide for a decent society and not just look out for number one. Unfortunately it’s the people we put in as managers of the collective wealth that we can’t and don’t trust and that seem to pander to the minority every time.

  9. Sido

    I got a “Final Reminder” on Friday and another one today.
    They must think people from Roscommon believe the Government and Edna are a load of lying, despicable, shitbags.

  10. Steve

    As Ive said before, stupid time to be bringing in new taxes when the economy is in bits. Austerity doesn’t grow the economy. They should have put in a notional charge of 1 euro to establish the database and waited a couple of years for when the time is right to introduce a property tax, which is required in ireland. either that or put up income tax when the economy is growing again.

    and before anybody starts on about “we already pay too much tax” just be aware that even after 2011 ireland still has one of the lowest tax to gap intake percentages in Europe.

  11. Joens

    Will people who are renting be banned from public parks, libraries, open spaces, streets with lighting and leisure amenities after March 31st?
    Will people who are renting be refused fire and emergency services after March 31st?

    What do any of these things have to do specifically with people who own properties or have mortgages?
    As the literature clearly states “These facilities benefit everyone” so why doesn’t everyone pay?

  12. David

    After reading the government’s “Final Reminder” on the household charge I am more certain than ever I shouldn’t pay.

    “The €100 Household Charge will go towards paying for your essential local services: public parks, libraries, open spaces and leisure amenities, planning and development, fire and emergency services, maintenance and cleaning of streets and street lighting. These facilities benefit everyone”.

    Looking at these points:
    – Public parks: None in my area
    – Open spaces: There is a lovely bit of grass in my estate put in by the builder. As my estate has not been “taken in charge” by the council they have no involvement in the upkeep of this open space and I pay a €60 contribution to my residents association to cover grass cutting etc. Maybe I could deduct this from the household charge?
    – Leisure amenities: There is a field in the village that I believe belongs to the church and is used for GAA but I don’t think the council can take credit for this. So that we can go for a swim I pay €1044 a year to the local private pool. Maybe I could also deduct this from the household charge.
    – Planning and development: It is good to see they have a sense of humour.
    – Fire and emergency services: This is fair enough although there is a callout charge for the fire services.
    – Maintenance and cleaning of streets: This doesn’t apply because my estate has not been “taken in charge” and I have to pay for this separately.

    Why would I pay for “essential” services that are not being provided.

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