29 thoughts on “Brunchenomics

  1. John Gallen

    Right that’s it, no more austerity! Start a water fight at your nearest fountain, pool, stream, beach, lake, sewage plant or back garden… get the hose out before the charges start!

  2. John Doe

    This raised my ire a while back. As something of a connoisseur of Brunches it was to my dismay that three years ago they replaced the smaller biscuit-y parts with larger balls which have a more doughy consistency. Wouldn’t have happened under Bertie.

  3. Mike Baldwin

    ah yes Tommy, a nice Feast is yer only man, although austerity measures kicked in years ago with regard to Feasts, the choccy bit in the middle has entered nano-territory….

  4. Spaghetti Hoop

    I hate ice-cream fashion. N’er a golly bar nor a humble orange split to be found.

    (shuffles off muttering and shaking head)

    1. Mass lover...

      Super Splits are still on the go Hoop. Had one last year…Might even have one later…

  5. Caroline

    Ice pops have been dead to me since they killed off the J.R.

    That said, a Wibbly Wobbly Wonder sometimes lifts the mood, even the bit that tastes a bit weird and you think “I’m not sure I’m enjoying this…”

  6. ARAM

    They came back and then went away again. HB
    getting that nostalgia dollar. That’s a good dollar.

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