Lovely Day For A Good Birding


Low productivity at the office? See that’s your problem right there. Grandstand views of the goose pwnage.

7 thoughts on “Lovely Day For A Good Birding

    1. McGrath's Domestos

      Should have a NSFW warning. I was pinching my nose trying to hold in the howls of laughter. The audio helps!

  1. Slightly Bemused

    That’s a perfect demonstration of why families used keep geese as guardians for their homes. They are very territorial and as you see neither afraid to attack a larger human nor to sneak up behind them when they are not looking.
    He’s lucky there was only one

    1. L

      there was a second one there, it’s usually only the dominant one that is aggressive, they regualrly kill other geese that are introduced to their territory – domestic & wild.

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