The Man Who Wants You To Pay The Household Charge


Financial advisor Brendan Burgess of

I would imagine that the vast majority of people support the household charge and other taxes, even if they don’t like paying them.  But the protests by the vocal minority who oppose them get a lot of attention. How would those of us who support the charge campaign in its favour? Here are some ideas –
Maybe organise a day in mid March “Pay your Household Charge today”
Issue stickers “I have paid my household charge”
Help relatives and neighbours who don’t have internet access to pay online.
Put up posters.

Alternatively, you can repeatedly play this video of Brendan from 2008:


Bryan Dobson: “You advise people on what they might do with their money…Irish bank shares are down to what they were in the mid-1980s, is that a buying opportunity?”

Brendan Burgess: “Irish banks are very well regulated, Irish banks are very sound….. we’re going to look back in a few times at the state of Irish banks [and ask] how did we not fill our shoes with those shares?”


30 thoughts on “The Man Who Wants You To Pay The Household Charge

  1. Rumpleforeskin

    What the hell is his problem exactly? Why don’t people like this just wither up and die?

  2. Rumpleforeskin

    What date exactly was that interview from? I want to check by what factor of moronicity he was wrong/

  3. Tommy

    He’s a clown but that doesn’t mean he is wrong on this issue or the issue of debt forgiveness.

  4. urbanstroller

    Posterity is a bitch.

    Sure okay & while we’re at it – lets organise a “I’ve been taken up the jacksie & keep coming back for more march”


  5. Kolmo

    see, thats the problem with not questioning authority, even self-important self-appointed people wearing ties on telly..

  6. ScaryLady

    One of the cheerleaders for the property boom also. It baffles me how he’s regarded as some kind of an expert – apparently all you need to do to be regarded as a financial expert in Ireland is to have a hard neck.

    There was a major row on the askaboutmoney boards regarding property prices, which led to the setting up of by those who disagreed with the “get on the property ladder quick” brigade (led by Burgess). It’s worth checking out for their opnion on this self-styled business guru.

    1. Harry

      You’re mistaking the attention seeking sort of ‘expert’ who goes on telly, with actual experts who you will rarely if ever see or hear in the media because they have no interest in it.

      If they are on occasion persuaded into joining a televised discussion, people will turn off in their thousands because it will be too ‘boring’, and there’s a Top Gear repeat on one of the other channels. It’s the one where they fire the Reliant Robin into the sky, that’s a good one.

      TL;DR: Don’t expect expert financial advice between the Simpsons and the Sunday Game

    2. Stephen

      Criticizing the property market was a sure-fire way to get banned from AAM back then.

      Reminds me of Bertie and the lads and their whining about ‘negative sentiment’. Fuckholes.

  7. Brownedoff Bourgeois

    I’m a big fan of AAM and that’s web site’s advice has me where I am today: sitting alone in a pyrite-ridden ghost estate, wiping my tears on a pile of AIB shares.

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