Laughing Like A Bosse


Meet Huug Bosse, a Dutch man who had hip surgery a couple of years ago, and hasn’t stopped laughing since. His wife finds it annoying, his brother and daughter have become exasperated, but all Mr. Bosse can do in response is slap his knee and laugh uncontrollably.

One possible diagnosis of Huug’s uncontrollable laughter is pseudobulbar affect, a neurological disorder sometimes caused by stroke or minor brain damage that causes emotional outbursts.

Dutch Man Can’t Stop Laughing After Hip Surgery He Had 2 Years Ago (Oddity Central)

16 thoughts on “Laughing Like A Bosse

    1. Jockstrap

      Ha ha ha.

      Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha .. shit…. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha … bollocks….ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
      …on man… ha ha ha ha ha ha

  1. Dan

    *ha ha ha ha ha* its a *ha ha ha ha* terrible burden *ha ha ha* I’ve *ho ho ho* lost my job *tee hee hee* and the will to live *ah ha ha ha* every day is a *ah ha ha* a new kind of *tee hee* hell *ha ha ha* Kill me *OH ho ho ho* kill me *Ah ha ha ha ha* please *tee hee hee*

    1. Cark

      I found it hilarious until the part when he said his brother or family won’t visit him any more. The humour in the video died then.

  2. Muffy

    I don’t think it makes sense if you don’t understand dutch. He could be saying hilarious things for all I know. Although if I lived in the Netherlands and was listening to people speaking Dutch all day I’d probably be laughing my head off. That and the fact that there’s like, loads of weed there.

  3. padder

    this is a skit ive sceen that very same actor in another dutch skit, again it was about partner with strange behaviour after hospital stay…something silly like looking down womens tops eurotrash esque

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