The Choice Is Yours



We’ll go for the risqué golly bar on the bottom left.

Yesterday: Brunchenomics

35 thoughts on “The Choice Is Yours

  1. gerrupouwadat

    What happened to all the 6p orange Sparklers? All I could with my pocket money back then. Funny that, cos it’s about all I can afford these days too! ’nuff of your Magnums!

  2. Advertising on Police Cars

    ..note the Brunch and compare to the denuded austerity version now on sale.

  3. slaphead

    Golly Bars were considered the healthy option in my house. Still would be. Political Correctness gone.

  4. John Doe

    The fact that the Brunch, despite austerity measures and a bailout, is still in existence is a testament to its unbridled quality. More ice-cream nostalgia less Mahon please.

  5. DublinEntendre

    The loop da loop has gone seriously down hill in my estimation as well lads. It’s just not up to snuff. I’d be expecting much better in the long run going forward.
    GAA Ice-Pop review no.468952

  6. Fergd

    Am I the only person in the world who loved the short lived Paddle Pop? Wrong shade of brown and tasted like plastic and toffee combined.
    Choc Ices taste like shite by the way. Had one the other day.

  7. World Kicks Back

    Remember when the only “posh” ice cream you could get was a Cornetto? Ah the days!

  8. Zimmermans Paranoiac Hooded Sweater

    Being well-reknowned worldwide as a total sap, I’ll go for a Toffee-Tuffy. It makes me feel all big, y’know?

  9. Ahh feck

    What’s with the pink and white tangle twister? Oh my God a freaky foot!! Want. Nomnomnom

  10. padders

    wheres the hiawatha ? raisng awareness and getting asugar hit at the same time . amnesty would be proud

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