Some Positive News At Last


Two support groups for people affected by hepatitis C from contaminated blood products spent more than €250,000 on weekends away, golf trips, pool table hire and conferences in 2010, documents released by the HSE reveal.

Transfusion Positive and Positive Action are both funded by the HSE and receive about €860,000 between them annually

….Documents received by The Irish Times under a Freedom of Information request reveal that Transfusion Positive spent €132,856 on five weekends away for its members and non-infected family members in Ireland in 2010.


Two Hepatitis C Support Groups Spent Over €250,000 On Trips (Pamela Duncan and Martin Wall, Irish Times)

19 thoughts on “Some Positive News At Last

  1. Marc W.

    Who gives a shit. I’m failing to see how this is news. A few people on a support group went away on retreats. Family members of the people infected went with them. So what. How is this news?

  2. Dave, Dublin

    Positive Action are quite open that organising these trips are one of it’s functions. Looking at the figures, they managed to organise weekend trips in Ireland for less than €170 per person. Value for money in my experience.

  3. atswim

    While the figures are big the article doesn’t say how many people went on these trips/ Were there 500 people on these weekends away or more like 50?

    These are people infected with a serious disease by the state they deserve to have some fun. I’m not going to judge this as reckless spending until proper details are available.

  4. Christopher

    Disgusted that this is a news story- Bertie Ahern is on a pension of €150,000 a year and the Irish Times decided to attack spending €250,000 on hundreds of people whose lives have been affected severely by state negligence? Get some perspective!!

  5. Dee

    I think you’re missing the point that these women will eventually die because of the Hepatitis C, and these state funded trips/days out etc is the very least the State can do for them after all the suffering they have endured.

  6. Jockstrap

    Maybe they could spend a bit of the money on designing logos that aren’t generic silhouette crap off the internet.

  7. Alibaba

    In light of the recent documentary Bad Blood I think that the very least the government can do when they, according to the documentary, knowingly allowed for the supply of contaminated plasma is provide some quality in the lives of those that have been affected by their blatant negligence.

    1. Christopher

      I saw that- how the woman largely responsible for the whole thing did not go to jail I will never know. Interesting to see Noonans finest hour- no wonder FG were in the wilderness for a decade- I wish they would have stayed there.

      1. Alibaba

        The main accused died, that is how the case got dropped, lack of eye witness account. I think the thousands of women who have died and continue to be affected should have been evidence enough, but sure what would I know eh?

  8. maura murphy

    Do the Irish Times not realise that there are MEN women and CHILDREN also infected throught blood transfusions. Some of these children were infected at birth and have never had a normal life. Apart from the 67 women the Irish Times acknowledge have died there are 51 people have died since 2004 from Hepatitis C State Acquired through Blood Transfusions.

  9. Fathers daughter

    My father contracted hep c and it almost ripped my family apart. He suffered massively from depression as a result. Coming from a rural area in Ireland made it difficult for my family as he refused to go to the local gp for fear the news would be known in the town. He had to leave his job and he feared his friends would assume alterior ways that he’d contracted the disease. As children and as a family we didn’t understand or know much about living and coping with the illness. And when I say as a family, it really does affect a family as a whole unit. As kids we were introduced to an organization called transfusion positive. They introduced us to other families living and dealing with the same issues. These weekends away allowedu father and our family to relax, drop our guard and relate to people who have helped us deal with this affliction. Today, my father is a sick man but his spirits and his self worth have been restored, which was previously stolen from him. As a non infected person but living with someone infected, I can honestly say the weekends mentioned by the Irish times were a lifeline to my father and our family. Before anyone casts judgements on the necessity of expenditure on these weekends, I’d say walk a day in an infected persons shoes and then cast judgement. I won’t name names, but there are two women in transfusion positive who organize these weekends and to them my family owe our gratitude, for dispelling shame from our family and bringing back happiness and openness to our family.
    These people should be commended for their volunteering and taking no salary despite being available to families like mine day or night, weekday or weekend. I wonder could the hse staff say the same about their availability at top salaries per year in lifetime secured jobs?? Puts it into perspective really doesn’t it.

    1. My Brother has Hep C

      My heart goes out to the girl who wrote the above post. My brother got hep c from a blood transfusion when he was 16. His best friend’s wife told him to stay away from them in case their children were somehow put at risk of contamination. Our family is devastated. We gave him such a hard time growing up because he never managed to reach his potential. We labelled him a waster. How could he have reached his potential with that virus in his blood?

      The fallout: we have no relationship with him. I am the closest one to him but we have only spoken twice in the last 18 months. He has tried to kill himself on more than one occasion. I know that he is a member of one of the hep c support groups and I know that he went on a few weekends. He paid for the weekends, The Irish Times never mentioned that. Without that support group I think we would have lost him. I am a grown man and when I think about what he has been through I cry.

      When I read that article in the Irish Times I knew straight away that it was nothing more than something dreamt up in the HSE dirty tricks department. Have these people been taking PR lessons from a relative of Dr. Paul Joseph Goebbels? Nothing more than a bullyboy tactic perpetrated by people within the HSE who have no idea what it is like to live with hep c or have a family member who is infected.

      People in this country will back those innocent victims to the hilt.Whatever support these people receive from the State is trivial in relation to the nightmare my brother lives on a daily basis.

      It could be you, your mother, father, brother or sister.

  10. trx

    Was that the right video? Because I’ve seen this guy perform where he produces oodles of bananas to just look at.

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