76 thoughts on “Emigrants: Your Care Package Has Arrived

          1. mani

            It is a fizzy orange drink. Mind you, given the amount of coloring in it it’d probably stain your skin enough to pass for a fake tan.

  1. Instant Karma Police 'n' Thieves

    There are ‘lolly’ shops in OZ, where you can get most of this stuff.

    How much of the stuff in your photo is British, not Irish?

      1. Instant Karma Police 'n' Thieves

        “An Irish-owned, family-run start-up delivering sweets, tea, sauces, etc. from the auld sod.”

      1. John O'D

        You are wrong at least if you are talking about a Cadbury’s Boost which has no coconut in it but is a delicious moroish blend of biscuit pieces, hard nougaty stuff, caramel and chocolate.

        There is no coconut in a boost. That’s a bounty.

        1. mani

          Boost was launched in 1985 as a tough coconut and caramel bar, coated in chocolate. It was then relaunched in a further two variants: a peanut version with peanut butter (yellow wrapper) and a biscuit version

      2. custo

        Moro’s used to be moros.

        Starbars used to be starbars.

        Then they changed Starbars to Moro Peanut, and Moro to Boost.

        Boost used to be different too.

  2. Pat

    great idea but always sceptical to websites that do not provide a contact telephone or more detailed contact information.
    “Put your contact information here. You can edit this in the admin site.” on a contact page just does not cut it I am afraid.

  3. custo

    they don’t seem to have any of the products in their hamper actually for sale on their website. Apart from the Dib Dab.


    1. atastefromhome.ie

      All up there now including drumsticks, wham bars, refresher bars & black jacks, thanks for feedback.

  4. The Horror

    The website even has a section devoted to Bisto.

    But seriously, eating that entire hamper will knock your life expectancy back a few years

    1. mani

      Wha? If history has shown anything its that the Irish have integrated extremely well over the years. This is only a bit of fun. Remember fun?
      Oh well.

    2. halcyon days

      I’ve integrated for many a year here in Germany, enough to know that their crisps are shit, bar none. Send me the King Crisps to have along with their great locals beers – not that’s ideal pan-Europeanism!

    3. thepox

      Jaysus, like nothing bad every happened to an Irish emigrant. Stop being such a miserable killjoy. Easy known you don’t live far from home. Have you tasted hersey’s? It has a distinct aftertaste of vomit.

      1. Xiao Liu

        Agree, Hershey’s is muck. Amazes me that Americans abroad have it in their care packages from home. Why would you bother, like!

  5. 8den

    Actually most of the sweets on the picture aren’t available on the site. The picture shows black jacks, wham bars, refreshers, and none of them are available on the website.

  6. Lou

    €2.79 per BAG of Manhattan popcorn? €4.25 (four euro twenty-five) per 6-pack of Tayto? PLUS shipping?

  7. cross-eyed cow

    This should be taxed in some way. Every time an emigrant misses home, they should have to send us some money.

  8. Agriolouloudo

    Was that moon-dust (I think it was called) which used to fizzle and melt in your mouth Irishmade? Same question for cola-cubes… still love them… and apple-drops… I’m off to the shop…

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