11 thoughts on “Every Little Helps

  1. Tommy

    Good boy Ken, I’ll make sure to goad you the next time you pay your motor tax for being a weak willed and cowardly. Do you also snort in derision at people who pay income tax? Losers.

    1. mani

      If your addressing Ken should you not send him a tweet or an email instead of impotently posting a snarky remark here? Unless he regularly checks broadsheet to see what Tommy has to say.
      It’s possible I guess.

    2. FraffieB

      As I follow him on Twitter I know that Ken is an avid fan of paying the household charge. So whatever that tweet was intended to convey, it wasn’t derision.

        1. Chopper

          Far from it, he’s one of the nicer peeps – even if he is FF through & through-ish – that you could interact with on the Twitter machine.

  2. @murrayhead84

    I think you’re missing the point here. Ken is pro-household charge as it happens and if you followed him on twitter or at least took a moment to read his feed you would see the man is far from a derisory sort. I assume ken was having a jest at Geraoid for making a statement about it.

  3. Phil T. Rich

    I’m not a twitterer, or a boggerer, but…Ken’s “feed” – to me “Feed” is what you shovel into an animals trough. I deffo know that I don’t want to be on the receiving end of Ken’s Feed. Acc to google, Ken’s Feed is a grain store in IOWA.

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