“Would You Pay A Charge If You Were Unhappy With The Service?”


Mr Hogan, who has an apartment in Villamoura on the Algarve, has an outstanding service charge of €4,320, according to a ‘debtors’ list document dated March 27. Yesterday, the minister confirmed that fees “of that order” were outstanding but said that he was in dispute with the apartment complex’s management company. “Would you pay a charge if you were unhappy with the service?” he asked.


Phil Hogan Refuses To Pay €4k Service Charges On His Portugal Holiday Penthouse (Jody Corcoran, Sunday Independent)

(Laura Hutton/Photocall Ireland)

47 thoughts on ““Would You Pay A Charge If You Were Unhappy With The Service?”

    1. Phil Hogans Long Dark Teatime Of The Soul

      You’ll notice I’ve become untouchable. Nobody’ll sit anywhere near me when there’s cameras about.

  1. Andy Moore

    I travelled along North Wall Quay late last night & there was horseshit all over the place what were dublin city council up to !!

    1. Phil Hogans Long Dark Teatime Of The Soul

      That was me – I went out for a quick trot.
      Five hundred meters in thirty nine minutes twenty.

      A personal best.

    1. Sido

      I’m reading the headlines in the “Sunday Times” – Seemingly Local Councils failed to collect the poll Tax effectively.

      They are to be punished for their stupidity and lethargy. Individual councilors may be punished.

      Polish the rifles at Kilmainham Goal etc.

      1. Praetorian

        Kilmainham is for patriots only.

        These people are not patriots.
        (according to Philip)

  2. Pedanto, The Hilarity Man

    The fact that it’s not clear whether this is a joke or not really catches what a hapless clown he is.

      1. Phil Hogans Long Dark Teatime Of The Soul

        You’re not inferring that I’m twice as thick as your average picnic, are you?

        Double-edged sword, eh? I feel a whole new tax coming on.

  3. holdonthere

    Disputing a maintenance charge and not paying taxes are hardly the same thing. Just sayin’. If this is the level the “debate” is now at, we’ve no hope of moving this country forward.

    1. atswim

      Not paying a charge for services provided by an apartment managment company to apartment owners is quite similar to not a charge for services provided by local councils to home owners.

    2. Tom Red

      The level of debate from The Bould Bully Hogan seems to be do as I say, not as I do (or I’ll bate ye).

  4. tommy

    Great, more non-stories. Here’s where your property tax is going.
    “Firstly, we will work with the Financial Regulator to encourage banks to offer “negative equity mortgages”, whereby families can, depending on their circumstances, trade up or down.

    Secondly, we will finalise and enact a Personal Insolvency Bill designed to rebalance the rights of the borrower and lender, in a fairer way.

    Thirdly, we will expand the use of “mortgage to rent” for families who can no longer afford their mortgages, to allow them to sell their houses and rent them back at affordable rents.

    Fourthly, to free up the housing market, we are giving additional mortgage interest relief to first time buyers who buy their homes before the end of 2012.”

    1. Fat Frog

      If I want the Fine Gael manifesto I will go to their website thanks all the same. Could you not post something funny and give us all a laugh, jeebus knows, we need one…

      1. Phil Hogans Long Dark Teatime Of The Soul

        If it’s something funny you want Fat Frog, then actually, the best place to go is straight to the Fine Geal website for a read of our manifesto.

        Makes me laugh everytime.

    2. Zuppy International

      B-b-b-but you first said it was all about local services…

      Now it’s all about banking? Again?

    3. paul

      I saw the Priory Hall residents amongst the crowd yesterday – they have to pay the household charge seemingly. Nice.

    4. Phil Hogans Long Dark Teatime Of The Soul

      Nice one, Tommy.
      Cheers, thanks a lot.

      So there you have it folks – and that’s straight from a non-partisan upstanding individual with zero agenda. None at all.

      1. tommy

        I’m not a FG supporter. I’m a renter. That is my political background. I’m sick to death of homeowners and governments running this country into the ground. The fundamental causes behind this depression are still there. Despite all that has gone on the government are doing everything to support an artificial property market to the benefit of homeowners and these homeowners are quite happy with this situation, With the banks in state ownership they now have complete control of the market. So we are having debt forgiveness and increased tax breaks for homeowners and this is being funded by mostly by the prudent. The state is now in the business of selling not only 100% mortgages but 130-150% mortgages. This is insane but you won’t find many of anti household charge crowd protesting against it.

        1. Phil Hogans Extended Period Of Contemplation

          If you can point us towards any Irish bank offering 130-150% mortages – we’d be much obliged, I’m sure.

          Know any other jokes?

  5. Sido

    Having watched “The Krays” last night, on video. I propose an Extortion Tax.
    Everyone in the country has to pay a poll tax of one hundred – No mucking about – No shit – And if you don’t pay it there will be big trouble for you and maybe some of your family members.

    1. Sido

      And the money won’t be going to help your communities. It will be going to pay off rich bankers, gamblers and gangsters and the political elite – In other words real people and not maggots.

  6. ReproBertie

    Hey Tommy have you checked house prices lately? Heard any rumours about negative equity at all? Propping up the market doesn’t seem to be working. Adjust the tinfoil hat and start again.

  7. callanamazon

    time to call it a day philly baby, you are history, we don’t need you, we don’t want you, go man go, as far away as possible

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