Do You Hate Her Because She’s Beautiful?


Or because she is literally satire-proof?

There Are Downsides To Looking This Pretty’: Why Women Hate Me For Being Beautiful (Samantha Brick, Daily Mail)

She has some previous in this area.

106 thoughts on “Do You Hate Her Because She’s Beautiful?

    1. valerie armstrong

      Incredibly deluded woman……..there must be another reason people dislike her, because she is certainly NOT beautiful……..only reasonable attractive, and obviously a complete idiot!

  1. Fat Frog

    She looks like a troll, writes like a troll. She is a troll. That is my pronouncement on the matter.

    1. C

      Surely it doesn’t matter if you would or not- the point is she’s a fool! Actually, all the posts left by boys (and women too) about her appearance just prove that when it comes to women their final sentence is 90% of the time predicated on their looks, vindicating her claim that she should use her appearance to get what she wants. If you can read this inane article, or any of her other articles, and the main thing you think about is her looks, then you are a chauvinistic pig, regardless of gender, and she is right that women should try use their looks to get what they want.

  2. Mr Potato

    Am right there with you Sam and any girls that are not, are feminist ugly women! I know my boss employed me cause I was attractive – he told me so a few months later but I am also educated and qualified to do it – so its win win ;o)
    – Rachel, Birmingham, 25/8/2011 7:48

    1. EMC

      Yeah Stoke are very physical, Kenwyne Jones, Walters, Crouch, Huth, Shawcross, them boys can do some damage.

    2. Mass lover...

      Did you hear about the two ould wans sitting on a park bench when a flasher walked up to them and exposed himself?
      One got a stoke and the other couldn’t each…

    1. NeilH

      I was actually scrolling through this hoping someone would tell me who the hell she is? Never seen or heard of her.

    1. Tommy

      hahahaha one of the best biogs I have ever read. “She lives happily with her French husband artisan carpenter Pascal”. Not just a carpenter, no, an ARTISAN carpenter.

      1. The Frilly Keane Report

        Billionaire Arms dealers, Hollywood A-listers, City Giants, Lords Dukes and other titled catches were too intimidated… but not a chippie by the name of Pascal

  3. Dave

    So, leaving aside the debate on whether she’s hot or not, why shouldn’t she use her looks? If men are willing to pander to it, and likely most of us are, why shouldn’t she use that to her advantage? Not her fault for doing it, it’s whoever promotes her on the basis of looks over skills that should get the kicking here.

    1. woesinger

      So, leaving aside the debate on whether Denis O’Brian is a crook or not, why shouldn’t he use money to gain influence? If men are willing to pander to it, and likely most of us are, why shouldn’t he use that to his advantage? Not his fault for doing it, it’s whoever promotes him on the basis of his money over skills that should get the kicking here.

          1. Just Sayin

            Hey I’m not a default and didn’t write the above, Broadsheet meses up sometimes (think it gets confused by proxies)

      1. Buncle

        “Even bar tenders frequently shoo my credit card away when I try to settle my bill.”


        1. A Brian Kennedy Rugby Tackle

          At the same time they shoo her out back for some head in real lieu of the bill.

  4. Amelie

    Maybe it’s just her awful big headed attitude that turns women against her?

    I have a lot of very beautiful friends and I would never hate them because they look better than me. I admire them.

    She’s average. What a tool.

    Salpa on the other hand…. I hate her.

      1. JC27

        We’ve as much right to claim Salpa as a national treasure as the Brits do the Elgin marbles.

  5. Elfordo

    I just read the article, it’s hilarious! She attributes friends dumping her and not picking her as a bridesmaid to jealousy, and not because she is a giant tool.

    1. Sarah

      And admits it “I’d put friendships on the backburner while in pursuit of the man or woman with the bigger, better job prospects. Friends, for a while, did stop calling. When you step over that line you move away from the sisterhood and your peers.”

    2. True Kilcockian

      She is also a giant and women are bitches about bridesmaids not being too tall or too short. They all have to look the same.

  6. The Frilly Keane Report

    ah here. The stuff these ‘wan’ s get paid to write …
    BTW for a 60 year old she’s savage looking alright, for a wan in their 40’s she is what my Nana would call ‘plain but well turned out’

    That nose… like a soft marshmallow

  7. MarkC

    The pinky on her left hand looks a bit suspect…

    Actually wait….

    All her fingers on her left hand a fukin mental…

  8. Bucko

    I know how she feels. As a 6 month old baby, strangers used to stop my mother on the street just tell her what a beautiful, bonnie baby I was. One women even said I should be entered into a bonnie baby competition!
    Sadly I’m not as beautiful now… I do sometimes notice that other men can be so jealous about perfect ass!

  9. Iwerzon

    Wha? Is she supposed to be pretty to real men? I’m confused – I don’t know whether to shit or get a haircut.

  10. halcyon days

    “for a british woman, she is attractive, but that really isn’t saying much…

    – rick, atlanta, georgia usa, where we fry vegetables and put ice in tea”

  11. well

    I don’t get it either, i have heard of this happening but does she really fall into that category of women?

    Maybe this is just delusions of grandeur?

  12. Escobar

    I am confused. I don’t know how we got here. We’re talking about a woman that none of us like, or even heard of prior to this morning. As far as I can make out, she likes to exaggerate (if not straight-up invent) stories of her being chatted up / molested in the workplace or wherever. I’m sure she gets hit on by dudes, most probably becasue she gives off the impression that she is mad for it. Her artisan boyfriend should be wary of how much she enjoys attention from other men. The term ‘banging like a screen door in a hurricane’ springs to mind’.

  13. Miich

    There are far too many women like this in the world. She comes from the same crop who came up with ‘National Cleavage Day’. It also seriously pisses me off that if you’re a feminist people automatically think you must be some over weight hairy beast who is just jealous of all the fabulous beautiful women. Absolutely no chance that you could also be a somewhat attractive women who sees herself as more than just her body.

  14. H

    Face like a bag of spanners and she works for the Daily Fail, I don’t hate her I pity her….

  15. col

    OMFG the teeth and the Beadleesque left hand. Was this in the Sunday edition of the Mail?

    1. Xiao Liu

      SDaedalus, thank heavens you’re here, and LOOK at this paragraph in the psychic article you linked:

      “My first experience with a psychic was when I was 18. My family is from Ireland and even though I was brought up in the Midlands, I was surrounded by people who believed in mystics and spirits. It was impossible not to be curious.”

      Emphasis mine. She’s blaming the Irish!

  16. Phil T. Rich

    Is anyone else seeing Sloth from Goonies?
    PS: I’ve seen better legs on a piano. And with a piano you get 1 extra.

  17. Sido

    I find a lot of males hate me because I am so handsome.

    I don’t give a shit though – I just deal with it.

  18. Escobar

    Wait! I have it. I’ve read the comments, studied them in great detail, and I have deduced that the comments left by women are far more sympathetic (for obvious reasons. If not so obvious to you then let’s just say, if a woman says yer one above isn’t wrecked then it reduces the chances of them being wrecked. You feel me?). Anyway, it’s like Sarah Jessica Parker. Women think she’s good looking because, well I don’t know why, but they do think it. So it seems to me that women want to see not-so-hot women being classed as hotties because it then bumps the average gal up the hotty-ometer.
    It’s Science!!

  19. Agriolouloudo

    In Greek mythology, Narcissus died of starvation because he became so transfixed with his own reflection, he couldn’t pull himself away from it. She sounds like a contender for the ultimate Darwin Award…

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