Meanwhile, On Leeson Street, Dublin,


Taken literally minutes ago.

Claire Walsh writes:

Bus crash just now on Leeson Street. An ad for travel insurance on the side of the bus with a monkey using binoculars…driver probably could of have done with them.”


52 thoughts on “Meanwhile, On Leeson Street, Dublin,

  1. Dave

    Was the bus trying to switch two lanes lanes behind the car and the car decided to switch too?

    1. whattheF

      is that what they are for? I thought it was just so I could see my handsome face all day.

  2. Paddyanglican

    Can only have been fault of car driver – cut across nose of bus and bus had to swerve likewise – perhaps car was going to park on wrong side of road but either way car has to be at fault

    1. praetorian

      I concur.As a coach driver i see this awful driving every day….more than likely the female of the species useing mirror to apply lippie.

      *taps keyboard,awaits backlash from said species*

      1. Spaghetti Hoop

        As a car-driver that doesn’t wear lipstick, I see this awful stereo-typing every day.

        *taps keyboard, doesn’t care about backlash as that wasn’t the point of the comment.*

    1. ClaireWalsh

      A mere typing error. No need for the rant. I can assure you, I can speak and write perfectly

      1. Continuity Jay-Z

        It’s not. There is simply no way you can justify mistaking ‘of’ for ‘have’. None.

      2. Jockstrap

        It’s not a typing error. A typing error would be this: ‘could hace done’ or ‘could habe done’.

        You think the word is ‘of’ not ‘have’.

      1. read twice

        Sorry for reviving an old thread (I literally work when I’m at work), but that was a bit rich of Kathy.
        People in glass houses, etc.

    2. Kevin

      Well one could also argue that it is “it’s” (with apostrophe) and not “its”… so judge not lest ye be judged!!

      1. Phil Hogans Sudden But Predictable Low Profile

        The occasional full stop wouldn’t go amiss either. Otherwise I find myself staring at open-ended comments waiting for them to fully load.

  3. Roger Ball

    Ah lads, a bus moves out of lane in Dublin and its called news….
    “Oh god goys, the end of the world is nigh”

  4. Jonny Utha

    Bus lanes and the positioning of every single Dublin bus stop within two meters of a set of traffic lights cause the average driver to change lanes up to a few times per day which directly results in all the accidents.*

    *Statistics got off Gay Byrne last night at the fair.

  5. Helen

    its obvious what happened, the person in the blue car had a passenger, and they wanted to get on the bus, so they did what alot of drivers do, and tried to stop the bus, it wouldnt stop so they crashed into it, and then got in – see, the doors are open, the driver is in the bus saying.. “phew, tank god, i thought i missed you nearly there”

  6. DD

    Bring back bus conducters. When they were not collecting or stealing the fares, they sometimes doubled up as an early warning system, alerting busdrivers to potential road dangers through a series of coded whistles.

  7. Mr. Camomile Tea

    Was there actually a collision? Or is this just a near miss?

    Either way, I’m not sure this is newsworthy, please post to Twitter instead.

      1. Mr. Camomile Tea

        Ok, it was neither newsworthy or entertaining; this page can usually be relied on to produce one or t’other.

  8. Jimbo

    It’s a busy bus corridor, I cycle on Leeson St. most days, and I’ve almost been run over a couple of times by bus drivers cutting me off/not looking in the mirror.

  9. Artdeco

    Monkey Mulligan would just like to point out that does not insure bus journeys around Dublin City Centre.

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