Have You Seen This Hipster Bike?


We don’t normally do this.

But as it’s a Pinarello Cadore…

Ciaran writes:

I’d really appreciate if you could post this on your site. My friend’s Pinarello Cadore bike (above) was stolen outside Maplin [Electronics] on Jervis Street, Dublin, on Monday. It has bright yellow tyres and a yellow saddle. It’s the only one in the city and he really loves it. If anyone spots it could they please call Store St Garda station on 01 6668000?

40 thoughts on “Have You Seen This Hipster Bike?

      1. Phil Hogans Calm In The Face Of Ridicule

        That’s some expensive set of wheels alright. Last owner was a fool to leave it out of sight anywhere near Jervis Street.
        Dublin bike thieves don’t give a rats ass for policing, I’ve seen them step up to decent bikes – pull out the full-sized bolt-cutters – snip – and and away they go. General public don’t bat an eyelid either.

        1. Cark

          Yet so many thefts could be avoided if their owners bought Kryptonites rather than piece of shit Aldi locks.

  1. Joe

    Stolen outside Maplin on Jervis Street, why am I not shocked to hear that. Always get a dodgy vibe on that area of Jervis Street.

    1. Alan

      Check the Car/Bike sales yard at the west end of Parnell St – they were found guilty last year of selling stolen property (a bike stolen outside Jervis St).

  2. vincent

    had 2 bikes nicked in the last 4 months. both cable locked. only left for an hour or so but the guys nicking them are walking around town all day checking bikes with cable locks. u-locks are the only deterrent. C*#TS by the way.

    1. sam bike man

      cable lock the next and sit in waiting… boot the shit out of the next thief… be a great deterrent…

      and yeah, f**ing scum!

  3. ReproBertie

    Hang around Abbey St & Marlborough St and you’ll soon spot some drug dealing scumbag using it. Unless they nick a new one every day of course.

        1. bisted

          Wish I’d said that….but I will…I’ve written it down….General Hindsight would work.

      1. cluster


  4. Rob

    Friend of mine had his bike stolen in Dundrum a while back. A security guard said he spotted a van pull up beside it, two lads jump out with a bolt cutters, snip snip, into the van and they were away. You could clear thousands of euro worth of bikes from driving around for a couple of hours.

    1. A Brian Kennedy Rugby Tackle

      This sounds like a viable enterprise, I wonder could I get some start up capital for it on dragons den?

      1. paul m

        in fairness he isnt paid to protect the bike, its probably outside his work remit and he would have to call his union if he attempted to intervene or report this crime in any way as it would be unfair working conditions without having previously negotiated terms for a pay increase from his employer or time off in lieu to cover this crime fighting work.

  5. DublinEntendre

    Pah – Real Hipster bikers don’t use locks. They tie them with scarves and tinsel.

  6. Maurice

    As it’s a hipster bike it’s probably just been dumped somewhere you haven’t heard of.

    Seriously though, bike thieves are scum.

  7. Brionic

    There is literally nothing to lock a bike to outside Maplins. If you left your iPhone on the street, do you think it would be stolen? Yes – and so will your bike.

    Sticking a lock around the wheel and the frame is just…..I don’t know.

    I don’t think broadsheet should be giving any time to this to be honest.

  8. OscarTheFuzz

    Ya know sometimes there’s just way too many knockers on Broadsheet .. if all of them were amusing it would be ok but for the others just have even a few seconds thought before posting maybe?

    They are red tires in the pictures … despite technology being what it is today .. they don’t automatically update themselves when ya change something on your bike (the Dragons would defo go for that though)

    There may be nothing to lock to directly outside Maplins but maybe they are using that well known location as a guide .. stop being so literal, it could have been a lamp post down the street!

    We have no idea how it was locked. It could have had three u locks a TigR and a Rottweiler guardin it for all we know.

    Lastly, the person has had their bike stolen, that’s feckin horrible, there’s no reason to not give it an airing on this site .. if ya don’t stolen bikes are worth Broadsheets mention then just scroll on….

  9. funantics

    Spotted this bike just now at Christchurch and asked the rider a couple of questions about it. But when I told him it was clearly a stolen bike, he cycled off. I followed him as far as I could, but he disappeared into the flats off Bride street behind st. Patrick’s Park. I rang Store street and they put me through to the Kevin street station. I gave them a full description of the bike and the rider. They said they’ll keep an eye out for it around the area. Hope the little s**t gets caught.

    1. Andy


      Could you describe the person on it please?
      Any information at all is a big help.
      Thanks for your time

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