21 thoughts on “It’s Not Caption Competition

  1. Rapraprapmachinechinechine

    Paddy kenny gets another crack at international football. Robbie keane bemused at number allocation.

  2. Hector Ramirez

    Trap to Kenny: ‘Here’s your Green Jersey Mr Kenny. although I did have to rip it from the hands of an unfortunate man on the street, who is being pummelled left, right and centre to pay or the banks….’

  3. paul m

    The Late Shows “Top Ten ways Enda Kenny tries not to appear to be pals with Denis O’Brien”

  4. Bazzamatta

    Fast forward to Euro 2012 squad naming date:

    NEWSFLASH: Kenny called up to Ireland squad. Takes place James McLean in final 23. Trappatoni says Kenny’s leadership and foresight key to Ireland’s success.

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