15 thoughts on “Ah Rear

  1. maro

    Oh my God, they’re even promoting themselves when they are on a romantic getaway ‘alone’. I give it another 18 months…

  2. Rob

    Could this be a contrived attempt at publicity from a ‘celeb’ I’ve previously never heard of?

    1. Fat Frog

      Could be right there- especially as the original “lovely view’ is of a grey sky, some aul’ hedges and a golf course. WTF?

  3. Punt Printer

    rather than being a hater Im just going to say I like both pictures. for different reasons.

  4. I Really Should be Working

    Q.Just how many arses are involved in this picture;

    The subject of the photo
    The Author – For pretending the owner of the subject did not know.
    The Owner of the Arss as she pretends that it was not all a pre planned publicity stunt

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