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Dublin illustrator Alan Dunne writes:

You may be interested in this. Get Off That Ship is an illustrated graphic novel I am making about the Titanic from the point of view of a priest photographer [Father Francis Browne] who managed to get off [the ship] before it sank. The first chapter, which is all about the 10th of April 1912 can be seen here

35 thoughts on “Titanic Comic

  1. Billy L

    “Managed to get off the ship”…?

    I think he was told by his boss to “Get off that boat!”

  2. fosull

    Just when you think the whole Titanic thing couldn’t be flogged any further to death – a comic strip!

    I am losing the will to live with all this nonsense – it was a tragedy in which several hundred people died, not an excuse to dress up and sell stuff.

    1. Clampers Outside

      While you are losing the will to live will you please tear down monuments at the following places and protest at any anniversary parties of such events that may have taken place there and canvas the tourists at these places:

      – Pompeii and Herculaneum
      – Egypt’s Pyramids
      – Auschwitz
      – The Great Wall of China
      – The killing fields, Vietnam
      – All ‘Battleground’ tourism companies
      – Berlin
      – Anyone going to Cambodia
      – Teotihuacan, Mexico
      ….the list is endless…….

      And while you are at it, you could start a protest to prevent any planned celebrations in 2016 for 1916… you’ve a few years head start on that one ya big ol’ moaney moan!

      Get over yourself.

      1. fosull

        Good grief – such a load of vitriol in such an ill-informed response.

        Read what I said again, ya big eejit. I never once said I had an issue with commemorations, just with commercialising a significant loss of life.

        Read what I say and get your facts straight before attacking me something I never said.


        1. Clampers Outside

          No fosull, there is no vitriol, my comment still stands… all of the above do commemorations AND are tourist spots for those particular reasons of some trauma in the past – that IS commercialising those events and places… why shouldn’t Belfast be entitled to do the same?

          You seem to think that it should not, for why?

          1. fosull

            It’s all about doing so tastefully. Painting the Titanic on kids faces, organising cruises to follow the journey whilst all dressed-up, or, as this whole conversation started, drawing comic strips.

            Does this mean we will have Twin Towers painted on kid’s faces in 2101, whilst people dress in early 21st century garb before flying the same routes to the Pentagon, New York and Shanksville?

            The places you mention do the commemorations as a commercial enterprise, but by and large there is an element of taste attached to it.

          2. Clampers Outside

            So, all you have in your disgust is this thing about ‘face painting’. Please provide an example as I saw no such thing over the entire weekend just passed.

            BTW it’s a graphic novel, not a comic, there is a world of difference.

        2. woesinger

          Do yourself a favour and go have a look at the thing – because I think there’s a big difference between your mental image of a comic strip and what Alan’s done here.

          And if there’s not, well, there’s no helping some.

  3. fosull

    Thank you for your thoughts. In reply:

    1. I took the word “comic” from the title of the post, so go easy on the semantics, lads.

    2. Maus was written by the son of a Holocaust survivor. I’m going to go out on a limb here and Alan’s dad wasn’t on the Titanic, which kind of kills the comparison.

    1. wafflewaitress

      I think what you’re saying then Fosull is that no art of any kind can be made about, or in reference to, most major historical events? Most major events in the course of human history have involved huge human losses; books, music, and many various forms of art have always taken inspiration and reference from great historical events.. are you saying that this shouldn’t be the case?

  4. fosull

    Yeah, that’s exactly what I mean!

    FFS, allow me an opinion. I’m allowing you yours and not putting stupid words in your mouths.

    1. wafflewaitress

      Haha well said.


      No one’s disallowing your opinion, just expecting you to back up your statement. It’s called forming a reasoned arguement. Or argument if you know how to spell it correctly.

    2. Clampers Outside

      You took the title of the post literally, you do realise this isn’t Ask Yahoo!…. anyway, fair deuce….

      I’m actually the son of a king from the African continent, not the country, and we are sitting on €12 billion in unclaimed oil deposits due to the upsets in our country. You undestand. PLEASE LEAVE YOUR BANK DETAILS with Bodger, c/o Broadsheet, 13 Imolukcy Street,

      Thank you,

      You will be rewarded most high,


      1. fosull

        Troll? Come on people, all I’m trying to do is have an opinion.

        I am also well able to back it up with reasoned argument, but you people are more interesting in playing the man rather than the ball.

        To summarise as it’s not being listened to so far:

        I believe the Titanic anniversary has been completely flogged to death and that includes both tasteful and tasteless ways. I don’t thik too many people will disagree with that, given what’s going on at the moment.

        I commented on an article titled “Titanic Comic” and then get personally insulted for using the same terminology – that’s an ad hominem attack and you know it. Please note the lack of personal comments/insults in my posts.

        Using a piece of work by a Holocaust survivor’s son to validate a piece by someone with no obvious relationship to the disaster is not a reasonable comparison to make, so I am entitled to call you on that.

        I am a very reasonable perosn who just happens to hold a different viewpoint – don’t attack me for that.

        Peace out!

        1. woesinger

          You’re entitled to your opinion, but here’s why I disagree with it.

          1: I’m inclined to agree with that over-commercialisation of a disaster is crass.

          2: Where I begin to disagree is where you draw the line between a recounting of an event and (over-)commercialisation of the event. Is a history crass if the author is paid for it? I’d be inclined to say that it depends on the quality of the history.

          3: Which is, I think, why you objected to the idea of a “comic”. From your own words, you seem to think that a “comic” falls on the crass side of the line.

          4: However, not all comics are created equal, and if you look at Alan’s work, you’ll see that it’s a “comic” only in as much as it tells the story in pictures and words.

          5: In my opinion, the intent and the quality of the storytelling puts it on the worthy side of the line.

          6: Whether Alan did or didn’t have a relative on the Titanic doesn’t matter at all. I don’t think that’s the point he was making with the comparison to Maus.

          7: As I understood it, his point was that you can tell serious historical stories about terrible events in “comic” form. The fact that you use pictures and words to tell the story doesn’t detract from the quality of the work.

          8: There is no point 8.

          Your mileage may, of course, vary.

          1. fosull

            All valid points, well made, to which I agree and disagree to varying levels.

            Much more constructive than having a pop at me personally.

            Let us agree to disagree and leave this matter behind us.


  5. Alan Dunne

    Your negitivity to comics – is based on your own notions of what is of ‘good taste’. Its also safe to say, it was a knee jerk prejudice reaction before you actually looked at the integrity of the work.

    Secondly, and not that it should matter – but nowhere on my website (which, perhaps you still haven’t looked at) am I selling anything. This is a work in progress, the first chapter is free to view for all.

    This project started back in 2005 before a thought of centenaries entered my head. It is a labour of love, which if it gets published, I am sure I will not make good on the financial investment and many hours I have put into it. It was never my motivation. Plus I did it without any arts grants or bursaries.

    The only reason I’m even posting this comment is because I’d hate to think that the person who dominated this thread with negitive prejudices would end it.


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