26 thoughts on “All The Straightforward, Quiet, Single Ladies

    1. Clampers Outside

      Click the link and read the description… it is funny :)

      Roughly something like this – Male owner occupier seeking single lady to share, five months max at first instance…


      In other words… ‘Desperate Dan Seeks’

  1. Owen O'F

    The history of the ad is gas. The ‘nonsmoking male writer’ in situ must’ve been chewing his pencil a few times as he made a few chops and changes:

    Originally: “quiet single ladies only from outside Ireland: preferably over 30 who do not at the moment require boyfriend overnight stays”

    to: “quiet single ladies non-native English speakers (because occupants are linguists)”

    then: “quiet single ladies who do not at the moment require any visits or dinner parties”

    1. Tommy

      ha, I have a perfect picture of him, hovering over the backspace button looking into the air above. He clearly has some very specific fantasy scenario and he is doing his best to make it happen.

  2. Joe

    there be webcams hidden in them rooms, normal and night vision ones. the living rooms is like in that film Sliver with a load of monitors hence why no access to that part of the house.

    he’ll prob use the Monty Burns defence “I got the idea from that movie Sliver, what a delightful romp!”

  3. dejavu

    The full ad from Jan of this year….. bring yer own turf!

    ” Two rooms to let in cosy house close to city centre for straightforward, non smoking, very quiet single ladies from outside Ireland: preferably over 30 who do not at the moment require boyfriend overnight stays. This is clean and tidy yet also relaxed and friendly, cooking with garlic and chilli. Real hearths. Turf not provided. It is a good-sized recently renovated Victorian house. All amenities. Nice area called ‘ecological’ by the council. There is a non-smoking, hetero male writer / translator working from home as occupier if you like a very quiet home. Shared kitchen, bathroom, dining room. 85 EUROS a week for south-facing room which looks onto gardens and the Grand Canal, Deposit 400. 95 for larger, north-facing, en-suite room overlooking roof-gardens. For five months maximum in first instance. Telephone ….. to arrange a viewing. The above descriptions and stipulations are exact terms and conditions. Tel:…. no couples. No text messages please.”

  4. sniffer

    Savage. I grew up in that house. Serious weirdo moved in after we left. Obviously, he’s still there.

  5. Barry Banjo

    Love the fact Daft have their ‘Safety Tips’ linked in the ad. Including…
    ‘Meet all your new potential flatmates first before you decide to take the room’.
    Go ladies.

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