Occupy AIB Capital Markets


Veterans of Occupy Dame Street at AIB Capital Markets in the IFSC, Dublin, this afternoon protesting at today’s €1.5 billion payment to unsecured bondholders of the state-owned bank.

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(Sam Boal/Photocall Ireland)


23 thoughts on “Occupy AIB Capital Markets

  1. M

    Ah c’mon lads. For a change I’d like to see these Occupiers go with nicely printed posters, not scrawl on sheets and cardboard.

    And perhaps go in a suit dressed like bankers.

  2. 30/30

    They’d be making a good point if Capital Markets wasn’t an extremely profitable arm of the company.

    1. AJB

      I’m no business expert, but generally speaking, if you’re only able to survive through massive doses of state aid, how can you call yourself a profitable enterprise? If Capital Markets is profitable, why can’t it pay its debts?

  3. James van der Kamp

    AIB capital markets consistently made huge profits before, during and after the crisis. The property division caused all the losses. The top performing staff in capital markets started to leave in 2009 when the government began to tell the bank they weren’t allowed to pay them market rates any more. Soon we will have a capital markets division that loses money but has no staff above 100 grand. tard mission accomplished.

  4. Carlos

    Do any of these people actually work? And if not why don’t they emigrate? That’s what I’d do if I lost my job. Like walking around with shite placards on a Wednesday afternoon will make a difference.

  5. Fasty

    The guy in the 2nd picture was quoted today as saying…

    “Yes! At last! Recognition that I’m a fatcat banker… With my ten for €1 bananas.”

    1. squidward

      Ah Sido, not fair to pick on the guy’s appearance. It’s not as if there’s a horse’s cock on his head or anything….

      After all the hype and build up to this I must say I am again underwhelmed by ODS.

      Their strategy seems to be ‘Don’t just do nothing, Stand There’

  6. Nicola Carroll

    These c**ts just sit at home on their holes whilst claiming the dole.

    Question: why didn’t they return to the central Bank site after they were told leave for the St. Patrick’s Day celebrations? Leo Vadrakar made it clear that they were welcome to return. Why didn’t they? Just goes to show how much of an act the whole thing is. They’re useless, they un-intelligent and haven’t a clue what they’re doing.

    If anyone here would like to have a fight with me regarding ‘solidarity’ bullshit, please go ahead. I’m here all day. I do notice that the ODSers haven’t seen this post yet, there’s usually a few knocking about. Maybe they’re all down at the dole office?

    1. curly haired tool

      Well done Nicola, speaking for the vast majority of Irish people there. Interesting to note how few of them turned up to challenge your post.

  7. I Really should be Working

    Veterans! Seriously once again the Broadsheet / pointless occupation lefty love in continues. These guys are useless wasters with no agenda other than anarchy and trying to look anti establishment!

  8. Facepalm

    I am not particularly pro the occupy movement but at the very least they are showing disgust with their broke country handing over money they don’t have to help out the private investors in a bank run by a bunch of incompetent fools. The people paying their taxes didn’t agree to take those risks the investors did (although I do feel for the investors who probably didn’t realise they were handing their money over to a bunch of dumbasses punching a keyboard with their fist to make risk assessments on their debt portfolio)

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