The Instagram Infographic


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Instagram: From Zero to $1 Billion in 17 Months (Mashable)

Meanwhile, The Broadsheet Infographic:

July 2010: Broadsheet launched

January 2011: Ewok and Bodger join staff.

December 2011: Staff evicted from Karl’s ‘den’ after ‘smelting incident’

March 2011: Bodger’s Jobseeker’s Allowance cut off.

January 2012: Broadsheet’s ‘Angel investor’ sentenced to 15 months in Mountjoy. Criminal Assets Bureau seize Ewok’s laptop and pager.

March 2012: Female version of Broadsheet scrapped due to lack of ‘Series B’ funding. And staff. And equipment. And ‘Series A’ funding. And stuff.

April 2012: Broadsheet named by Wired as the “go-to-Irish site for unusually large equine erections”.

10 thoughts on “The Instagram Infographic

  1. curly haired tool

    Ha, loving the BS timeline. No mention of when Terri Prone first contacted you?

  2. paul

    ye left out the app and the ads controversies/disasters and that time ye went into hiding when the shouty lady off the telly came for ye in her big car.

    1. Nukem Dukem

      and also the time when you never bothered sending Hector Ramirez his prize of a lexicon t-shirt.

      1. jOHN gALLEN


        (I did get my five freebee rentals and was contacted for the Improbable Frequency tickets i entered.
        But, the t-shirt thing should be sorted by now BS!! …tsk, tsk!)

  3. Jockstrap

    Yet Broadsheet is nothing without the commenters much like clergy without a congregation looks foolish.

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