Theatre Of Books


More than a million people a year visit El Ateneo Grand Splendid bookstore inside the former Teatro Gran Splendid in Recoleta, Buenos Aires.

The former theatre and cinema, originally opened in 1919, was converted in 2000 with most of its ornate interiors left intact, including ceiling frescoes, sculptures and theatre boxes that now double as cosy reading nooks.

Massive Theater Converted Into Magnificent Bookstore (My Modern Met)

13 thoughts on “Theatre Of Books

      1. Jerry

        It was previously a theatre and a cinema, where people paid for entertainment/culture so it’s pretty difficult to see how you can object to it now being used as a bookstore. With the inexorable rise of iTunes and Amazon likely to kill off more independent and chain bookstores I’m delighted that such a place exists and wish it well!

      2. Jockstrap

        If it was Ireland it would be a super-pub full of obnoxious asshats. So a bookstore is better than something like that.

  1. Annie

    I was here last year and it is amazing. There is is a cafe on the stage that does delicious fresh orange juice and lots of ice cream. Worth a visit if you’re ever in BA.

  2. J

    The book centre in Waterford is set in a former cinema and has been running much longer than this knock off!

      1. H

        Yes, because not being able to read Spanish makes me unable to read in any other language…….

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