As North Korea’s Rocket Fails…



..these guys from Cork managed to send a jar of Ballymaloe Relish into space.

Take that Kim Jong Un.

North Korea’s Rocket Launch Fails As World Condemns Action (Guardian)

35 thoughts on “As North Korea’s Rocket Fails…

  1. Ballymophisics

    Wait what? Why doesn’t jar explode? It’s freezing inside and super low pressure outside? Is this real at all?

  2. Tampicopilot

    Advertise your wares and provide video evidence of an air traffic offence at the same time, good work lads. As an occasional pilot, I have no desire to get bumped by one of these balloons launched by a bunch of BAMN concept marketeers/students/tossers…or indeed crowned by a deeply frozen jar of relish falling mysteriously from the heavens on its way back from the tropopause. It’s not big or clever, and worse – it’s been done. Get over yourselves, edgy media boys and go do some real work.

      1. Jockstrap

        Yeah. It’s that simple.

        He’s right. It’s been done. So copying someone else’s idea from a long time ago and thinking you’re clever is annoying to most people who try harder.

    1. Eddie

      just because your a occasional pilot, you can tell people to stop people launching balloons into the sky??

      and as for “Get over yourselves, edgy media boys and go do some real work.”
      How about you get your head out of your arse?

  3. David

    Why do I feel a strange sympathy for the relish?

    All sad and alone there, just being sent off into orbit on its lonesome.

    *sniff* (or Mmf, as BS would have it)

    1. Nigel

      The astronauts on the International Space Station were happy, though. ‘Oh no! We have sandwiches, but without a tasty condiment they are so bland! How can we fully enjoy the spectacular views of weather systems crossing the Atlantic! Wait? Did you hear that? Something bumped against the hatch! I swear, if it’s another pair of underpants on a weather balloon I shall empty the commode and send chunks of frozen urine crashing into the earth below!’

    1. Jack

      I know right? Can’t we just be happy that some lads from Cork sent SOMETHING into space? I think it’s awesome!

  4. Ken Seiler

    This video is amazing. A few of these people leaving comments need to remove the jars of Ballymaloe relish from betwixt their cheeks and step away from the keyboard.

    1. Conor

      The jar didnt explode and It fell back to Ireland somehow…Id be surprised if it went anywhere near space.

  5. Jockstrap

    To all the people who comment thus: “Oh it’s just a bit of fun / lighten up / it might never happen”

    That attitude is the very brick wall of mediocrity that keeps out all good and original ideas that are lining up outside your narrow unimaginative minds.

    Being the same as all your friends and being afraid to have a challenging and original opinion makes you an insufferably boring and bland ‘individual’.

    Yes I may sound like a c**t but I don’t care.

    1. manalo

      I don’t want to get dragged into a pathetic internet argument I don’t do that so I’ll just make it as brief as I can! why do you care so much, these people made a video, they aren’t claiming to be Leonarda da’ Vinci, but they did it and its an enjoyable video!! Why do you feel the need to knock them? Also you made your opinion clear but you seem hell bent on amplifying it! Why don’t you go out and do something similar or maybe even better for that matter rather than sitting on a computer putting other peoples work down, its not mediocrity that holds people back its idiots like you who feel the need to put other people down when they try do something!!
      I’M DONE!!!

  6. OscarTheFuzz

    I was really feckin hopin that jar was going to land in Vancouver with pleas from the boys that someone should go find it…
    @jockstrap please post a link to your original and never-before-seen work. I know you couldn’t possibly comment the way you have without having something to back it up? I’m looking forward to having my third eye opened…

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