Bringing Ballet To The Masses



Brian Lloyd writes:

Just wanted to send you a link to a music video [Conor Ebbs singing The Garden Path] I directed in the hopes you might possibly post in on your totally fuck-awesome site. Have I also mentioned that you’re all stupidly good-looking? Because you are. You make George Clooney look like a drunken homeless. Yeah. I know. Ryan Gosling cries himself to sleep at night because he can’t be as devilishly handsome as you, etc.

Damn flaterrin’ hipster film guy.

24 thoughts on “Bringing Ballet To The Masses

  1. Nukem Dukem

    Can I post up a video of my dog taking a dump cos you guys are just totally the dog’s bollix?

    1. Jockstrap

      I saw a white poodle passing the turtle while being dragged along by its owner on Cuffe Street recently.

      The image just sticks with you.

  2. ivan

    Any excuse to post one of the sillier rock’n’roll stories

    “”Ullo, Fred, I see you’ve brought ballet to the masses then,” said Sid Vicious. “Oh yes, Mr Ferocious, trying my best, dear,” Freddie (Mercury) replied.”

  3. Semolina Tray

    Very good ballerina, decidedly average video. You managed to make a very good performance look really boring.

    It’s also technically deficient. But, as a director, I’m sure you’re f••king gorgeous.

  4. Jockstrap

    How about bringing the masses to ballet? The masses should change, not ballet!

    I’ll make that into a placard and try it out at a protest.

    1. Nukem Dukem

      Stand outside your local church after Sunday mass and see if you can get them to go to the ballet rather than bringing a clatter of dancers to your church on Sunday.

  5. Paul H

    I’ve never pretended to understand, or like, ballet so this may sound like an uninformed question but, was she dancing to the same music as being played in the video? Sure didn’t look like it.

    1. Brian Lloyd's Hairdo

      No, not at all – she was dancing to completely different music. I’m not entirely sure what routine she was doing, I think it was Tchaikovsky or something.

      1. Brian Lloyd

        Hey there. Thanks for the honest feedback. This was my first time making a video featuring a dancer so I wasn’t entirely used to working with that element. We had a very short window of time to film with and if I had to redo the video, it would look a lot different. But, unfortunately, I didn’t so it looks like this.

        1. Rorkimaru

          I think that your long shots were nicely composed but your mid range shots felt like they lacked focus. They’d cut off just a little part of the dancer and rather than showing you a close up of one part of the dance it felt like you were missing the rest. The fact she’s dancing to a different song also creates noticeable issues.

          For a first dance video it’s not bad and like I said, the long shots were lovely, but sharper editing, a few focused close ups and more directed cinematography for the mid range shots would bring it to another level. Best of luck with your next one!

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