From A Great Height


A dossier submitted by An Taisce in 2009 to then minister John Gormley detailed 23 planning cases where the council management’s decisions “clearly conflicted with the [Dublin] City Development Plan and/or architectural heritage guidelines”.

During the boom, it said the council “accommodated and even encouraged development proposals grossly out of proportion to their surroundings and in breach of the development plan, including several high-rise buildings within the historic city core”.

But that’s outrageous, surely?

AN TAISCE’S complaint that Dublin City Council management had “systematically disregarded” its own planning policies by approving high-rise schemes during the boom will not be investigated further by the Department of the Environment.


Inquiry into flouting of rules on Dublin high-rise dropped (Frank McDonald, Irish Times)

4 thoughts on “From A Great Height

  1. Carolus Duran

    It’s known as ‘The Irish Condition’ , a kind of aesthetic dyslexia that pervades all aspects of Irish life. Dublin City Council are asses, blind asses with no grasp of the visual integrity of this city. Just look at their ties and shoes, says it all really.

  2. Disasta

    Clueless. Worked in civil engineering and the problems we had dealing with these retards.

  3. Jockstrap

    So get the cops to investigate. Sounds like massive bribes to me.

    Find out what holidays they went on. Check out what cars they were driving and how they paid for them, etc. It’s not rocket science.

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