42 thoughts on “How To Not Get Your Bike Nicked In Dublin

  1. Joe

    Got my bike nicked due to having a shite lock, heed this chap and pay for a decent lock it’ll save you a coupe of hundred in the long run cause it will be stolen some day.

    1. sheridansays

      Unfortunately, that tactic doesn’t work. Bike thieves will steal rubbish bikes if that opportunity presents.

  2. philjoe

    gonna hate me for this. Was in Ranelagh luas station last night, there was a pair of knackers there loudly boasting about the bike that they had just robbed. Onto to the luas and into town where he was shouting ‘i’ll get 50 quid for this down on Moore Street’. Felt like thumping him but felt the prick probably had something on him that broke the lock. Fcking scumbags

    1. Not Jockstrap

      Some people need a manual to live. Or just constantly ask others for information instead of finding out themselves.

    1. AnRastaSasta

      In most situations there wouldn’t be enough room to get a car jack inside the D lock. Unless i’m missing something.

      1. Edalicious

        Yeah there’s not a chance you’d get a carjack inside one of those mini D locks when it’s around bike and pole.

  3. Ringo

    Eh, simple solution – don’t live in Dublin. Us boggers are a trustworthy sort where Lucozade and plastic bags aren’t stoeln from Tesco and therefore don’t need to be electronically tagged. Plus you can buy a house in the country now for about 20c!

    1. Clampers Outside

      You are probably right. In a casual conversation at me Mum’s home in Galway I saaid the line “…and the doorman in Spar…” ….the whole conversation stopped and switched to the fact that so many local shops need doormen in Dublin city. It’s ridiculous.

    2. Jesus

      I’ve had five nicked in the country, but none in Dublin. Why? Because I actually had to learn how to lock my bike properly.

      Bike thieves often go around with one tool, that’ll open either a U or a cable. Get both. Don’t lock the cable to the U like he has in the video.

      Do lock it in a public place, of course.

    1. martin

      Of course you can break any lock you want, captain obvious, that’s not the point. The point is not to be so stupid to help people steal your bike so easily. Type of lock, the way you lock the bike and the location where you lock it – all that makes a big difference.

    1. yewha

      Nothing Gary. They’d be nothing.

      Too long have these f***ers been palming us off with their shit bike articles. If I see another article on shit bikes in this newspaper, I’ll have to be dug outta them.

  4. gickpuke

    about time – well done! finally a reality check for all the doe faced idiots buying shit locks. – well done Gareth, and what a shirt!

  5. Not the King of Spain

    Good video – Should be circulated as widely as possible so anyone with a bike can see it.

    The number of bikes in that shot in Store Street is amazing.

    While I can understand that bikes will get stolen, the fact that there are so many which cant be returned is crazy.

    I’d imagine a huge number of bike owners don’t follow the advice on what to do in terms of taking a picture/taking the serial number

  6. Parp

    Thanks for posting the video letting me know where people in town regularly lock their bikes with shit locks. Christmas will come early this year…

  7. paul

    those blue circles theyve introduced on some poles are dodgy – I think theyre called oxford bike stands or something? people lock their bikes to the blue part rather than around the pole itself, the blue part can be removed with a spanner and the thief can make off with your bike.

  8. Evenprime

    What you are all failing to see is that the best way to protect all the bikes would be to shoot some of the little shits that rib them. Don’t kill them all, I’m not that bad… But 1 in 3 would sort it out…..my empathy for these creatures has long been stolen

  9. jim

    Funny that if you steal a shitty €500 car it’s a serious grand theft auto offence, but if you steal a €2000 bike, pretty much f**k all happens, fine at best? What are you in for? ah robbing cars… and what are you in for? umm robbing a pushbike

    i guess the gov’t losses tax from robbed cars – they couldn’t give a hoot about bicycles..

  10. BBrian

    That was kind of crap:

    I use my U lock through the stem below the saddle and through the wheel. If you use it on the crossbar, thieves can use the bike itself as a lever to break the lock. If it’s going through the wheel (but also put it through the frame) they’ll wreck the wheel if they try the lever trick.

    If you’re using a cable for your second wheel (i.e. you have quick release: otherwise you’re wasting time) then use the cable not only on the bike but also on what you’re locking it to, so you can prevent any chance of levering the bike.

    If you go to the same place regularly, spend €100 on a Kryptonite NewYork lock and leave it in situ. It seems like a lot now, but when you have your first bike stolen it will seem cheap.

    Also: f*ck the guy who stole my Specialized Sirrus from outside Chez Max, across from The Olympia, in February. It has two different sized tyres and the handlebar grips have red lines on the outside. If I find you I’m going to push you under a bus.

    1. meh.

      You should have used a U lock through the stem below the saddle and through the wheel. If you use it on the crossbar, thieves can use the bike itself as a lever to break the lock

      1. BBrian

        Good point. I was just using a cable lock and it was snipped. My Kryptonite lock was lying unused about 100 yards away.

  11. I P Freely

    Should also be noted that the best value place to buy a good lock is not in a bike shop but in a locksmiths.

    1. Joey Cakeforce

      Where else can one purchase a E1500 bike for twenty quid? We’re in a recession pal or hadn’t you noticed? On an unrelated note anyone looking for a nice Specialized Sirrus give me a shout.

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