The terror group said in a statement yesterday “Blood of the European scum must be shed by the will of Allah.”

The annual musical contest has attracted entries from 42 countries from eastern and western Europe this year, but the group said the Eurovision is “a nightmare for all Muslims.”

Islamic Terrorists Issue Threat Against Jedward Ahead Of Eurovision (Brian O’Reilly, Irish Independent)


(Sasko Lazarov/Photocall Ireland)

Thanks Francis Cleary

24 thoughts on “Jihadward

  1. Kenneth Purtell

    They should enter. That could be their act. Trying to kill other acts with knives and chemicals. I’d watch that.

  2. Jockstrap

    I love how the Indo give the impression that it’s Jedward as well as other acts have been targeted.

    It’s ALL acts you Indo hacks.

  3. Dave, Dublin

    Nice typo from the Indo too:

    “New figures have shown the 2012 Eurovision will be the most expensive ever staged, with organisers spending €50m on the competition, dwarfing the previous record of €27 spent in Moscow in 2009.”

    Admittedly, you could easily mistake the Eurovision for something thrown together for about twenty quid.

  4. I Really Should be Working

    Oh please let this be real,oh wait it is in the INDO unlikley.

    But whuile they are at it could they do a cartoon of Louis Walsh and the profit who I can not name so Mr Walsh will be included in this Jihad?

  5. Zosimush

    Considering how popular their new track is they might just blow away the rest of the competition themselves. Got a trip switch on their collar, collar.

  6. Captain_Earlobe

    I don’t know much about Jedward but I’ve heard that one of them is…slower than the other. Is this true?
    Imagine how embarrassing it would be to be the slow one from Jedward.

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