That’s Not Hysteria


This is hysteria

FEAR swept across East Limerick this week following reports that convicted rapist and suspected serial killer Larry Murphy had been seen in Cappamore, Pallasgreen and Oola.

Bruff and Tipperary garda stations were “inundated” with phone calls and one man who contacted the Limerick Leader said he knew women who had stopped going walking at night, and one woman who wouldn’t stay at home on her own.


Fear Spreads After Rumours Larry Murphy ‘Seen’ In Limerick (Donal O’Regan, Limerick Leader)

26 thoughts on “That’s Not Hysteria

  1. bren

    Last quote on that article concerns me more: “Children are off school and men are taking turns watching them play”

  2. stoneruile

    With all due respect to you lads. This guy is a suspected serial killer. Cereal killers tend to re-offend it’s what they do. If i had a bowl of Frosties I know I would be keeping a very close eye on it.

    1. Jockstrap

      Serial killer.
      Cereal killer.
      Cereal ki…

      Oh my God.

      Oh my God, that’s brilliant.



    1. Nigel

      No. Hysteria is never justified. If you’re reacting to something with Hysteria, and it isn’t Def Leppard at an eighties nostalgia party, then you’re reacting wrong.

    2. Jesus

      I agree. One would think the gangsters in Limerick could take a much-needed break from shooting each other and innocent randomers to kill this slimeball.

    1. Jesus

      You’re basically fine unless you try to sell drugs. It’s a limited market, saturated by sellers. In fact, it’s Ennis, Sligo Town, or anywhere North of the Liffey that you want to go to to get stabbed by a needle or have a bottle broken on your face.

  3. Mr Potato

    he’s there to have a go off the holy tree stump of rathkeale, then some grub in donkey punch fords

  4. Muffy

    Used to see him walking down Bolton St in Dublin to the shop and walking back from the shop with milk and bread from the window of the shop I worked in. Only women working on the shop floor, we had men downstairs but sometimes they were out. We got a big heavy metal stick and got on with our lives.

    1. Jockstrap

      You should have built a pine forest inside the shop and dressed up as a deer hunter.

      He’d have loved that.

  5. Is Mise Bart Simpson

    This just in, Larry Murphy spotted dressed up as a school in Mullingar town centre.

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