Small Tornado In Bray. No One Hurt.



A small twister/waterspout spotted at “around 7am” this morning by Aoife McNulty at Bray Head, Co Wicklow.

We’re not in Kansas anymore.

Update: Another view, via James Kelleher:


30 thoughts on “Small Tornado In Bray. No One Hurt.

  1. sinead

    It may be just one of those things.. but also may not and like the often dramatic change hour by hour weather Odd clear blue (rare Ireland) or dense mucky cloud. How much more are people going to ignore Geoengineering the illegal and unsanctioned weather manipulation projects for business purposes. Value in can disrupt weather create droughts and dramatic cold. Companies like HAARP rarely mentioned yet have huge projects all over world media will not investigate. I dont know? Are people just stupid or what?

    1. Jimbob

      A good way to protect yourself from these evil powers is to wear a tin foil hat. Have you got one?

  2. Man

    Tornados are quite common in Ireland but usually small. But they do toss the odd car on to it’s roof now and then.

    1. Em Finn

      I fear I must disagree… 30+ years of living in Ireland and I’ve never heard of a car being turned over by a tornado here, and you can be pretty damn sure it would make the national news if it happened.

      Heck, Including this one, I’ve only heard of 3 total in my life time, the most destructive of which took the rook off an old barn.

    2. Patrick Murphy

      there was a tornado that tossed a full size van over in Clonee , Co. Dublin in 2008

      1. K

        I think I read that there they’ve approximated that there must be almost 30 a year, but most are unseen due to the fact that ireland is very sparsely populated. must find a link.

        1. Thor Nadoe

          Most are unseen, not because Ireland is so sparsely populated, but we’re all the time watching the ground, in case anybody might have dropped a cent !!!!

  3. Humans Eh!

    The brief glimmer of a possibility of a house landing on my Ex’s mother brought me momentarily to my happy place.


  4. DonBOsco

    Gardaí are provisionally reporting that the tornado may have caused in excess of €180,000 worth of improvements.

  5. Gaz Top

    Had one down here too ‘sheet!
    Just over Passage / Monkstown / Kinda.
    Saw it from the Weather mast at Knocknagore.
    Will follow up and Re-up.

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