30 thoughts on “Whit Is The Deegital Cheenge-Ower?

  1. HandSolo

    Ah Ulster Scots, the excuse for f*cking morons who can’t speak English properly. Just to give you a taste of how appalling this “language” is; their term for the mentally handicapped is “Wee Dafties”.
    It’s all just a ploy by the Ulster Unionists to scam grants from the UK and EU’s cultural money pot. Just think, some inbred bell-end was given a wad of tax payers’ money just to sit down and make that Digital Switchover crap up. Just f*ck off you scamming, bigoted twats.

    1. JasonK

      Can’t imagine where they got the idea of scamming grants. Imagine wasting money to translate something into another language, even though all of its speakers can speak English.

      1. jojo

        You can’t compare, Irish is an actual languages used for 1000’s of years with it’s own grammar and rules. Ulster Scots is 20 years old, is just English with changed spelling on words and invented solely as a scam.

  2. Wittyname

    Thei gih the ideeae frae the Oor Wullie camick bukes, ye ken, the noo. I cannae beleev they geh awee wi eh. Idgits n dafties the lot.

        1. M

          I started to watch this for a skit, but got completely taken in by the scenery. Quite honestly some lovely landscape there.

  3. Iwerzon

    Also – Paedophile is Beirn Futterer, Homosexual is Big Jessie. vacum cleaner is Fluar Sucker, Ice Age is Tha Big Snaw, seriously!

  4. w

    this is nuts… just a twist of English, in fact some of the words are pronounced exactly the same but just spelt differently for the hell of it.

    I support the use of more northern dialects on tv though, far too many Belfast accents. It might freak out the uncultured southerners though! lol

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