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  1. w

    let them at it, but dont expect the rest of us to pay for their help with psychosis, these idiots deserve it.

    1. trobuff

      As a non-smoker, I’m pro-legalisation. We already pay for the detrimental effects on health caused by smoking. Legalisation would lead to regulation of the drug, meaning chemicals and whatever other crap that can be found in grass will be taken out, leading to a decrease in mental problems and therefore fewer costs to the taxpayer. It might also be possible to regulate how much is sold to a particular person, limiting health problems again. And on top of that we could tax it. For the sake of our pockets and their health, it seems like a practical move.

      1. Steph

        Fair enough to most of your points except limiting how much is sold to one person. We already limit how much paracetamol can be sold to one person in a shop but they can just toddle down to the next shop and buy some more. It’s too tough to enforce.

        1. squidward

          I think making the analogy between cannabis and paracetemol is misleading;
          controls on paracetemol relate directly to its ‘popularity'(if I can use that word) as a route to suicide….
          no LD50 so far for cannabis, in any amount…

    2. SOMK

      Nice, you know Howard Marks has a degree in physics from Oxford as well as three post-grad qualifications in related fields? Of course you do! You must be a hell of a genius to be in a position to be calling him an idiot, or indeed anyone else associated with being sympathetic with a position you disagree with, because being the super genius you so clearly are, obviously anyone who disagrees with anything you think must be profoundly mentally enfeebled, my only request would be that you pray consider turning your formidable intellect towards more pressing concerns like solving Ireland’s economic crisis, or world peace rather wasting your abilities commenting on a superfluous website such as this. Good man.

  2. Drogg

    Gav and w you are obviously the small minded god shites that keep prohibition going Gav ur probably just a troll but if ur not I wonder are u a drinker cause that overly aggressive attitude goes along with drinkers more then cannibis users. W if u understood cannibis a bit better you would realise that it doesn’t create psychosis it can bring it to the surface in people who already have mental health problems also alcohol creates alot of mental health problems in Irish people are u trying to get it banned. At the end of the day cannibis is a very taxable product and the revenue it would bring in from Irish users and green tourism would bring in a hell of alot more then the household charge did. Cannibis usage could also lead to a change in weekend culture in Ireland with alot less people falling around the streets or fighting with each other it could lead to people calmly going home after a night of good conversation and a few laughs and before you attack my argument by calling me a hippie or whatever I’d like to say I’m a capitalist I’m also a very successful person in my field, I’m a non drinker because drink almost destroyed me and would be the furthest person from a smelly hippie you could meet.

    1. trobuff

      With regard to the topic of nights out, someone once said to me “what do you think a Guard would prefer seeing on the street ahead of him? 100 drunks? Or 100 stoners?”. Which I enjoyed.

      1. Drogg

        ha yeah im paranoid that small minded uneducated trolls like yourself are getting there way in this country. I have been reading all your comments w and you sound like someone who already has there mind made up on this subject so im not going to try and educate you on the subject with the proper scientific research, but can you answer me two questions. 1) Are you a drinker and if so do you drink more then the weekly recommended allowances? Be Honest. 2) Give me one reason that i cannot give an logical answer too why cannabis should be banned?

        1. w

          1 I used to drink more than the weekly quota, but not for several years now… and i would say booze is equally as dangerous. Looking at it from the other side of the fence it’s nuts how so many feel the need to escape from themselves to such a degree… we have become numb to thinking that it’s now normal.

          2 The reason you can’t give a logical answer is mainly down to your grammar, it’s bloody awful.

  3. I Really should be Working

    One of the biggest arguments against regular cigarets is the cost to the health service in dealing with the resulting health problems such as cancer etc.& Of course cannibas is only 4 times more likely to cause cancer than tobacco smoke.

    But sure other than that why not!

    1. squidward

      Was the research you refer to (4 times more likely) done on smokers of cannabis with tobacco (and minus filters)?
      I’d need to see some evidence before I make my mind up, and I can’t be arsed, so please, fire a link up to these findings regarding cancer.

      1. trobuff

        I’m with squidward here – not attacking you, but can you please link to the research?

  4. Drogg

    Ha show me the legitimate scientific research that shows cannabis causes 4 times more cancer then tobacco. Cause then it would make no sense that in other countries it’s proscribed to help in cancer patients treatment and also to treat anxiety, eating disorders amongst many other conditions.

    1. mici

      Not sure if I can post a link here, but the definitive study on the subject of smoking cannabis being a cause of cancer, was the Preet, Ganju & Groopmann study at Harvard; and presented to the American Association for Cancer Research in April 2007, which found that ‘Δ-9 Tetrahydrocannabinol inhibits growth and metastasis of lung cancer’.

      Findings included: ‘Although the researchers do not know why THC inhibits tumor growth, they say the substance could be activating molecules that arrest the cell cycle. They speculate that THC may also interfere with angiogenesis and vascularization, which promotes cancer growth.’

      There’s a good article from Science Daily which I will try to link:

      Hope this is of help.

      BTW respect for your honesty Drogg – would be delighted to share a bowl with you one of the days…

      1. jrh

        there’s a definitive link between meat and dairy consumption and cancer too. . . everything in moderation.

    2. I am Larry Murphy

      Perscribed in the US to help ease the side effects of Chymo therapy in relation to cancer’s. There has also been some evidence that cannibas can reduce the size of tumours

  5. Redbarn

    Bishop Lucey stopped the Beatles coming to Cork after the ‘riots’ in Dublin back in 63. He knew what they were up to

    1. squidward

      He must have known something even they didn’t – the Beatles didn’t touch the herb till 64!

    1. w

      grew up in a town filled with drugs, surrounded by friends who smoked, and even lived with a dealer of the stuff… I know plenty about its effects and more importantly the aftermath…

      But feel free to destroy yourself, theres more than enough morons in Ireland to agree with you…

  6. Choppysixty6

    Smoking cigarettes legal
    Eating fatty foods legal
    Alcohol. legal
    Sunbeds. legal

    I could go on , why not legalise and have controls over a drug which is widely used and actually let the state make a few quid at the same time !

  7. Disasta

    “I really should be work” and “w” sticker as clueless morons spouting the same broken arguments as usual. Grow up.

  8. Blobster

    Funny – most illegal drug users in Ireland love to think their illegal drugs come from “nice guys” like Mr Nice. It gives them a warm feeling inside. But whether Mr Nice is nice or not, most illegal drugs come via violent criminals.

    I have no problem at all with those campaigning for legalisation. I don’t agree with them but fair play to them. I do have a HUGE problem with people supporting violent criminals by buying illegal drugs from them. Like it or not, and as much as you’d like to change it, illegal drugs are illegal and most sources support violent crime.

    So campaign away, but if you’re using illegal drugs and haven’t grown/concocted them yourself then you’re supporting violent crime.

    Except for all those folk who get stuff off buddies and friends of friends or really sound fellas who went to school with your sister and who only sells stuff to a few buddies or the guy in the pub who’s sound out and fierce responsible about who he sells shit to….all those people, you’re fine ;-)

    1. Zuppy International

      Captain Bring-Down, you too need more blunt in your life.

      BTW I’ve been smoking for 25 years and I’ve yet to meet a violent drug dealer. Do you believe all the fairy tales sold to you by the mass media?

      1. Blobster

        Hilarious – you expect the fella taking your money to be carrying a machete of what??
        Don’t be naive. Prohibition = illegal supply = turf battle = violent crime.

        By all means, have the debate about legalisation/regulation, but don’t pretend that buying illigal drugs today (not in some future where they might be regulated) is, in fact, very likely supporting violent crime.

        1. Dave, Dublin

          By your admission, prohibition is a root cause of the violence in the drug trade. Vilifying drug users seems like a very poor excuse to ignore this.

          1. Blobster

            Like I say. Have the debate. Just don’t support violent crime while you’re having the debate.

            Prohibition and market demand is, of course, a receipe for criminality. So by all means, we need the debate about where the balance is between possible regulation and/or policing, treatment and other means of curtailing demand.

            Just don’t support violent, illegal drug suppliers while you’re havign the debate.

          2. Zuppy International

            Hey Blobster.

            I’ll ask again: where is your evidence connecting recreational drug use to violent crime? (And do you include alcohol in your samples?)

            Without that evidence you’re coming across like a clueless Troll.

  9. patricia

    on a related note, has anyone looked at the website ‘topix’ in the dublin region??? It is a continuously updating feed of drugs available for sale in the city. Half of the drugs listed for sale are prescription drugs, tho apparanty you can buy a 2.5-2..9 gram ’50’ bag all day every day. What galls me is the prescriptions being sold the same, it shows what category cannabis should be put in, i.e a medicine.

    I am a medicinal smoker who comes from a place where cannabis is prescribed. I think it should be obvious to anyone who reads international press how much money can be brought into a tax system by the sale of medicinal cannabis. Also, it is a proven fact that the number of prescriptions filled on medical cards in my home state went down significantly with the implementation of medical cannabis, which is not covered on insurance, so savings are prevalent as well as additional revenue. And really, I am appalled that anyone in a country where the drinking age is 18 and there are approximately 1 pub for every 4 adults in Ireland (I did that math 2 years ago, it may be less with the recent pub closures)….will all the freedom hating drunks please crawl back into their pub of choice and stfu

  10. Blobster

    @Zuppy International.

    Here you go. Some US evidence here. Make of it what you will.

    If you believe that your choice of clothes or footwear or consumer electronics has some affect on others who manufacture them or live with any negative environmental effects of their manufacture then I don’t see why you can’t see that the murder and mayhem associated with control of drug prodection in (e.g. Mexico or Dublin) is a consequence of consumer choice. Your choice and mine.

    1. Dave, Dublin

      You’ve already acknowledged that prohibition is a cause of the violence in the drugs trade. Taking a moral stand on users of drugs doesn’t allow you to ignore the immorality of how we legislate against drug use.

      1. Blobster

        Prohibition and consumer demand. People can try to foist the blame on legislators all they want but clearly by buying illegal drugs you are either a) funding criminal drug gangs who do engage in violent crime or b) driving demand and raising the profitability of the illegal drug market and, whether your drug gang of choice is violent or not, therby increasing prices for all participants.

      1. Blobster

        And what are they using these US guns for?

        That’s right, to ensure that it’s they who get to sell cocaine to wholesalers in Dublin.

        Follow the money – and it starts in “recreational drug users” pockets. It’s a fact they cannot avoid….even if they spout on about regulation and legalisation, as of today they are funding violent crime.

  11. Florian

    This event due a number of unfortunate circumstances has unfortunately been cancelled. Please let anyone know that was planning to go down.

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