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35 thoughts on “Sell Out

  1. orieldude

    Wouldn’t it have looked better if ‘A Crooked Harp’ was the main title and the other bit the sub-title?

    1. John

      I think with the advent of book-buying based on online searching, you’re going to see a lot more keyword book-titles, with the metaphors relegated to the subtitle (usually to placate the author).

      It’s usually the publisher’s/marketing manager’s choice.

    2. Nigel

      It might have looked better, but frankly, the current market probably supports a book that promotes itself as being about corruption than being about crooked harps, and as a title it has a definite no-nonsense appeal. The subtitle is presumably there to soften the relative dryness of the plain academic title. I think the result is actually a little discordant and the question mark a bit of a stumble, but on balance it still more or less works. Must order from the local.

  2. ivan

    What name should we be giving to this genre of books? I mean, there’s heaps of them. Shane Ross has had two of ’em, Matt Cooper, ditto. Simon Carswell…Brian Lucy, they’re all at it…

    Econo-politicial-self-flaggelation-misery-not-lit just ain’t catchy enough….

        1. I am Larry Murphy

          Thanks for reminding me must change name back after failed attempt at humour last week

    1. Bo

      That’s the whole point of your doctoral thesis. In fact, if you don’t get it published you won’t get a job.

  3. AndrewSB49

    Why the question mark in the subtitle: “A Crooked Harp?”, Elaine? Fabulous read though … Gay Byrne would call it: ‘A thumping good read’. No surprise that it’s selling out … after all it’s about our politicians selling the Republic out!

  4. Jockstrap

    Elaine Byrne is the most straight talking uncompromised logical thinker we have. She talks absolutely zero bull and says it like it is.

    And for that reason, she’ll never reach the pinnacle of her her career in this country because the powers that be don’t like people who speak truthfully.

    Keep fighting Elaine. People need your brain.

    1. Dinny O'Breilly-Harris

      Straight talking??? We need her brain??? Come off it. Read her recent interview in the Sindo about Oliver J. Flanagan going on about him as some crusading, anti-corruption, Lone Ranger, casually forgetting his nasty anti-Semitism, based on some “intellectual” writings of a Holy Ghost father and a Jesuit, in the 1930s, 1940s and on, his greasy, till-stained approach to politics, and his fantastic public claims of getting jobs for his friends.

      From his maiden speech in the Dáil in 1943:
      “There is one thing that Germany did, and that was to rout the Jews out of their country. Until we rout the Jews out of this country it does not matter a hair’s breadth what orders you make. Where the bees are there is the honey, and where the Jews are there is the money. I do not propose to detain the House further.”

      Maybe Elaine the Brain better head off and do some history before pontificating. Nothing worse than politics lecturers becoming journos for the Sindo. Remember the Cruiser …

      1. Jockstrap

        Are you attacking Elaine Byrne or you are you attacking Oliver J. Flanagan?

        You don’t like her because she makes people in power uncomfortable. She doesn’t doff the cap in exchange for crumbs.

        Good on her.

        1. Dinny O'Breilly-Harris

          “You don’t like her because she makes people in power uncomfortable. She doesn’t doff the cap in exchange for crumbs.”

          That has to be the most inane comment I have ever read.

          BTW, I was neither attacking Elaine Byrne nor Oliver J. Flanagan. I was pointing out how she casually forgot to deal with his anti-semitism in her article in yesterday’s Sindo. and how she forgot his very public statement in 1965 as to how he would fill positions with his friends. That is probably half the reason we are in the state we are in today. Massaging history to one’s agenda is not big and it’s not clever.

        2. Snappy

          She’s hardly uncompromised. The principal reason she’s appearing in the Sindo is her vocal objections to Denis O’Brien, who happens to be in a INM Boardroom battle with Tony O’Reilly

  5. phil

    are harps sometimes crooked ? whats a crooked harp ? are crooked harps an inevitable byproduct of the harp manufacturing
    process ? What the f**k “crooked harps”? has anyone ever seen a crooked harp. And whats with the graphic, that harps not crooked.

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