19 thoughts on “A New Word!

  1. Clampers Outside

    That Ronan Keating post of him in IKEA, where’d it go, was it fake yeah?

    I think so, ….why was he wearing black trousers in pic 2 and jeans in pic 1…. nor do I believe the t-shirt in pic 2 was under the cardy in pic1…


    Do I win a prize?

    1. Depravity Dave

      The pics were taken on two different days… Apparently he had been there 6 days that week… Who would bother posting “fake” pics of B-list celebrity in Ikea?

    1. anoes

      ‘With their compliments’, though I suppose it could also be that the tea goes well with the ‘hi-lites’… maybe…

    2. anoes

      Complimentary – Given or supplied free of charge.
      Complementary – completing, or combining in such a way as to enhance or emphasise each other’s qualities.

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