26 thoughts on “Cheap Water Meters

    1. john in Stoneybatter

      maybe its the first good thing that the government has done with the pension money. buy something cheap and screw the people over the next 20 years for it… increasing the pension reserve fund for when i retire? just hope they are not taking my dole out of it…

      1. Conor

        We have to pay for our parents standard of living. Thats why the economy needs to keep expanding. Its so how our parents lived, and their pensions, can be paid for. We have to do it to our children too.

  1. Sido

    The government don’t want us to have lousy cheap water meters, as these might not work properly – and you could end up paying to much!!
    So they are prepared to make a loan to the public so that we can get really good ones.

    1. Sido

      Crikey, What if thieves steal our posh new meters – Does anyone know if that will be covered by your insurance. And what if you live in Limerick?

      1. nuge

        well i presume at the price they’ll be coming at they’ll have bluetooth, remote central locking, free wifi…..
        I also love that you could buy an iphone/crap car and still come away with change

  2. Mike Baldwin

    and the ‘also bought’ has the Veet Hair removal stuff, OK, who bought it?? They’re deffo on here…

  3. Steo

    Does anyone know what happens if you’re “not in” when the man comes around to sell/install your meter? Is it like the TV License, or will we actually have to pay it?

  4. Christian

    The same type of water meters is used in Poland, where I originally come from, and most of EU countries, as far as I am concerned. Sido, please note that those are OK, but only if installed within your household, as they are not tamper-proof (Sid) (PS. my dad is a plumber). I agree that it is a way of buying cheap shite and trying to make some money on poor average Murphy, O’Brien, etc.
    Fec*k it. If it comes to that, I will install mine myself.

    1. Sido

      Outstanding idea!
      And you have to get a calibration certificate from a company that has obviously not paid corruption money to Fine Gael.
      Maybe the same crowd who does the NCT and speeding fines.

  5. Shipwreck history

    On a different note, is it true that it is against Public Health legislation to turn off water supply to houses that are not vacant? On the basis of sanitation etc..

  6. Conor

    Water cost money before we were asked to pay for it. We were already paying for it in our taxes. Now they want us to give them more. It is a new tax and nothing else. They cant tax petrol anymore or people will start cycling and that will lose money. So they will tax things people consider essential that are currently not taxed. Such as drinking water and home ownership.

    I actaully think a push bike tax isnt far off because they are becoming so incredibly economical in relation to cars right now.

    1. cluster

      We are already paying for it but the tax should be set up so that everyone knows what they are paying which then incentivises them not to waste so much saving all sorts of associated energy and environmental costs.

      Best case scenario, people start pressurising their councils to fix their leaky infrastucture.

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