10 thoughts on “Nobody Is Safe

  1. Clampers Outside

    Hah! If that’s what their ability to track you down for tax amounts to, it’s another indication of the incompetence yet to be seen when they try to collect the Household Tax!

  2. Dec

    Dont you have any idea of the impact of the dead on the exchequer?? They just lying around taking up space. Civil Service researchers have studied the book World War Z and concluded that there are those who cant live and those who wont live.

    The FG/LAB government wants to be sympathetic to the dead who cant live. They want to create pathways to life through taxation and reduced benefits which will encourage those who can return to life to do so. A new scheme will be introduced dig up coffins, allowing the deceased easier access to the world of the living. This will in turn create approximately 2000 jobs for former construction workers after they have finished installing water meters and will be part funded through a loan from the National Pension Reserve Fund which will be paid back in installments by the families of the deceased over the next 20 years.

    While the Department fully expects a near total take up on the return to life scheme, the deceased who still wont return to life will be further penalized and may find their headstones recycled or their graves reallocated but this will be done in as few cases as possible and can be simply avoided by the deceased filling out a form at their local Births Marriages and Deaths Office and making themselves available for a short interview with Dept officials.

  3. Elfordo

    We’ve pumped billions into zombie banks so why not recoup some of the money by taxing the dead?

    1. Mario Beusla

      Athlone friend said to me-
      ‘Mullingar is just too for the Dart/ too close for the grants’

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