Location and times to be announced.

From RTS:

‘Reclaim the Streets’ was a concept which existed internationally [a decade ago]. In Dublin it was a loose coming together of different individuals committed to anti authoritarian and non hierarchal organising.
The collective will emerge from the disgruntled, the city’s messers and tricksters, all those bored and sick of this age of austerity, ravers, rockers, buskers, artists, the unemployed, trade unionists, wage slaves, wee ones and the retired. We really hope that you will get involved.


Reclaim The Streets (Facebook)

Thanks Moylough

31 thoughts on “Par-tay

  1. emma

    I’m sick of this age but I can’t go backwards. I’m sick of austerity too but I think it’s a bit harsh on ravers, the unemployed and the retired though.

    1. octo

      I’m sick of buskers myself, especially the ones with amplification. So I guess that’s me in so.

    1. paul

      different crowd entirely, spaghs. from what I hear they’ll have an area at the side for broadsheet commentators complete with keyboards to pound, a high horse to get up on, misplaced apostrophe’s to deride and a coconut shy with images of hipsters, politicians and a large denis o’brien effigy.



      1. Spaghetti Hoop

        Sounds like a day of days.
        I predict a heavy Garda prescence…around the horse anyway.

    1. eoin_mclove

      on a slightly tangential note – there’s a remake of robocop in the works. 2013. jus’ sayin’.

    1. Jockstrap

      Scared in there?

      ..in your bland Stepaside negative equity cardboard house with overpriced SUV you can’t sell?

  2. Paddy

    Garda David Gorman has been waiting for this for the past 10 years, to have is revenge.
    This time he’ll take his id numbers off before the cameras catch a glimpse of him.

  3. Kolmo

    Tinder Box of rage + Ham-fisted-flat-footed reaction from the cops under ham-fisted orders = A cassarole of utter Greek style yoguhrt mayhem

  4. Todgertoucher

    12 Palestinian flags, 4 shell to sea banners, 1 Clare Daly, 2 arrests and a bongo player.

    The protest scene in Dublin Is f*cking tiresome.

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