Hipster Bike Girl In Ireland


[vimeo 12553819 w=640&h=480]

Juliet Elliott from cool English bike company, Charge and filmmaker Callum Swift on a recent trip to Ireland. Juliet is riding a fixed-gear Charge Scissor. She’s terribly good.

Thanks R.O.

26 thoughts on “Hipster Bike Girl In Ireland

  1. Karina Bracken

    I assume there’s no such thing as a hipster helmet? Ah, no of course of, they’re a “cool” bike company. My bad!

  2. Figlen

    The typeface used in this vid is hyper-popular these days, innit. All the rage. If it doesn’t have compressed, thin, slightly wobbly sans in the credits/title, it doesn’t exist in Hipsteria.

  3. DublinEntendre

    Are bikes with no brakes legal in a city? pretty dangerous to cycle around Dublin at the best of times.

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