26 thoughts on “Ironic Headline About Old Media Goes In This Space Here

        1. Katieen

          various acronyms to indicate enjoyment at reading these posts, followed by excessive exclamation marks

          1. ted

            Seemingly meaningless sequence of punctuation characters now widely accepted as inferring human emotion as expressed through facial expressions used here primarily, on the face of it, to indicate agreement with or pleasure derived from your comment but really in an attempt to ingratiate, should previous commenter get shirty.

  1. I Yam What I Yam

    What a f**k up. It should clearly be a small ‘h’ for ‘headline’. When will these subeditors ever learn?

  2. Ross Golden-Bannon

    Rant by young Fine Gaeler goes here followed by almost the exact same rant below by ten of his friends but with a few words changed around.

  3. David Bourke

    Tipster tips hat to wits’ wit and scurrilously denies pilferage from afore mentioned Reddit and proclaims own originality and sharp sightedness.

  4. Nigel

    Snide speculation as to whether social conditions and high rates of criminality in the city have Limerick caused the individual employed to provide the proper headline to depart before completion of their alloted task.

  5. Car

    Damn hipster comment here. Clutching at straws… is that a damn hipster headband that rugby player is wearing?

  6. tar

    At least they covered the damn story. Any new media blogger type go to that match and actually do some reporting? Er no.

    Too busy opining on their blog platform or delivering a celebral fart on twitter to actually report on what’s truly happening out there … in the Rugby Ulster Bank League.

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