Eight inches.

From Total Film:

Prometheus has followed up on yesterday’s excellent viral advert for Michael Fassbender’s android, David, by releasing a new poster selling the very same “product”.The new one-sheet introduces David 8, the latest and greatest incarnation of Weyland Industries’ pioneering artificial intelligence, capable of “almost anything that could possibly be asked of me.”

New Teaser Poster For Prometheus (Total Film)

17 thoughts on “Meet David

  1. Leaning to the centre

    So what happened with the “Ronan IKEAting” story getting taken down? Was legal action threatened?

  2. Hah?

    Apparently people asked broadsheet to take it down as it was invasive and a non-story.

    I’d do some damage to a Michael Fassbender robot: I’ll tell you that much for nothin’.

    1. Leaning to the centre

      Fair enough. It did seem pretty invasive and a non-story. It’s just unusual to see stuff removed altogether instead of redacted.

  3. Mickster

    Anyone else notice this

    Alien – Robot is Called Ash
    Aliens – Robot is called Bishop
    Alien Ressurection – Robot is called Call
    Prometheus – Robot is called David

    A, B, C, D or is my OCD kicking in again?

  4. Joe

    the robot will have to do an irish accent at some stage in the film, unless mike has managed to control the accent, few hints of the accent in X-men.

    1. woesinger

      A few? He gave up the German accent entirely in the third act (and still managed to be the best thing in the movie).

      1. Rob

        ‘ya killed me mudder!’ ..and why didn’t he just kill Bacon at the start instead of the two soldiers?

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