Seann William Scott At The Phil


Seann Williams Scott at Trinity College Dublin’s Philisophical Society this afternoon. The actor [with Phil president Lorcan Clarke, top] is in Dublin to promote American Pie Reunion and received the society’s Gold Medal of Honorary Patronage in the Graduate Memorial Building.

Thanks Ronan Costello at The University Times.

Pic of Seann with medal by Jenny Sharif

22 thoughts on “Seann William Scott At The Phil

  1. Cranky

    Do they just give these out to whatever celeb is in town, instead of the Late Late come speak to ABC1 “influencers” at source to promote your latest movie/book/TV show?

    1. Steo

      Seriously, I’m pretty sure that’s what they gave Nancy Pelosi, as well. And how many movies has she been in with The Rock? None, I’d imagine.

  2. Louis

    There are some *big* heels on those boots SWS is wearing. I wonder how tall this chapie actually is? Bit of Tom Cruise vibe going on re footwear.

  3. Larl Keavey

    Chap used to do my head in, but he was rather good in the recent ‘Goon’. In saying that, I haven’t a notion why he has been awarded this

  4. Quint

    In the first American Pie the actress playing Stifler’s Mom, Jennifer Coolidge, was aged only 35.

    We are all getting old.

  5. colm

    He’s not short at all, around 5’11…and I don’t really see why people are whining about him receiving the medal. You don’t have to be a high-flying politician to be deserving of recognition – he’s a successful Hollywood actor, and that’s success in the field of arts. Even if his roles are a bit “earthy”.

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