Germany’s Bundesbank tells troubled European nations to stop focusing on trivial things like “growth” and “recovery” and just GET MIT ZE AUSTERITY, JA?

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      1. Phil Hogans Peculiar Piped Peccadillos

        Broadsheet! So, you’re now doing spellchecks and recoveries for certain members? Great!
        Where do I sign up?

        1. I really should be working

          Being dyslexic can I now expect that boradsheet staff will be sanctioned for my public humiliation a la Vodafone?

        2. Continuity Jay-Z

          Those who’ve paid the household charge can avail of that facility. There is a special version of Broadsheet for those who are household charge compliant.

    1. Jockstrap

      It’s NOT their money. It’s ECB money. All EU nations are members of it.

      This notion that Germany is bailing us out is nonsense.

      1. I really should be working

        ECB is established pretty much as a corporation between France and Germany they have 46.31% of the paid up capital in the ECB (FR = APPROX 19% DE = APPROX 27%)

        Context Italy = 17% Spain = 11% Ireland = 1.55%
        So it appears it is there Money!

  1. rapmachine no diggidy no doubt

    the last time germany forcused on austerity at the detriment of everything else hitler rose to power

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