Are You A Fan Of F1?



Nothing to see here then so.

Bahrain Grand Prix: Firebomb Attack Near Force India car (BBC)

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8 thoughts on “Are You A Fan Of F1?

  1. rapmachine no diggidy no doubt

    it’s incredible than when queried on the right or wrong of letting bahrain host the grand prix, bernie ecclestone comes out with “we dont think the teams will be in any danger” – way to miss the point like

    1. Not the King of Spain

      It wasn’t missing the point – it was avoiding the question.

      He obviously knows that holding the Grand Prix in Bahrain is completely morally wrong, but he doesn’t care because he wants the stack loads of money.

      He’s a horrible little individual.

  2. ffintii

    Typical colonial country, give the minority (sunni) power over the majority (shia) with firepower from the Saudis. What F1 (borefest) are doing there is sick.

    1. C Sharp

      Mirror image of Syria, (Allawites are closer to Shia) just substitute Saudi for Iran. Of course Iranian tanks didn’t cross into Syria to back up the governement, they do supply them with arms though. Saudi tanks did roll into Bahrain last year stopping the first major wave of protests.

  3. Orieldude

    Still, the RCSI continues to rake in the cash from their medical school, while the expats working there are more worried about kite surfing equipment than the oppression on their doorsteps

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