13 thoughts on “Dublin In The 1930s And 1940s (In Colour)

    1. Phil Hogans Vaguely Disproportionate View On Things

      Absolutely stunning. Dublin truly is a timeless city.
      I particularly love the magical disappearing truck avec steam which is suddenly enveloped by a mysteious hole in the space/time continuum just outside Pearse Street Gardá Station at 01.12.

  1. Figlen

    Wow, that’s very entertaining. Surprised by the number of cars. Looks just as bad as it is now.

    1. Jocktrap

      Whatever Minister was bribed by Lobbyists from the motor trade and quarry owners (road building).

    2. Nukem Dukem

      The tram system was one of the finest in the world at the start of the 20th century….shame they got rid of it.

    3. cluster

      To be fair, this wasn’t an exclusively ‘Free State’/Irish Republic piece of idiocy. It was being doing all across the western world at the time (1949)

      Cars were the future, Corbusier proposed a plan (possibly slightly tongue in cheek) to raze central Paris and replace with cruciform towers separated by grass and wide-roads.

  2. Amadan

    I loved the old pram on O’Connell Bridge. You could fir a bag of spuds and the week’s coal in there as well as the [latest] baby!

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