13 thoughts on “Fair Play Though, In Fairness

  1. Clampers Outside

    RTÉ tends to do well in that festival. But, there’ll be plenty of knockers on here in a minute! Fair play is right.

    (No, I do not work for or have any family members working for RTÉ, I just don’t think they are as sh*te as most do)


    Harvey Goldsmith and Bob Geldoff, Harvey Keitel and Bob De Niro, Harvey and Bob Weinsteinn. I notice a pattern here

  3. mimes

    Voices from the grave was excellent all the same.. One of the best things I have watched this year.

  4. Bogman

    Me hole, this is one of those award ceremonies thats a business. lets give loads of awards, charge the stations for entering the categories. then charge them for the actual awards and then get loads of publicity in tons of countries that we flog to sponsons and advertisers… And I swear I don’t work for RTÉ either…

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