For Those Of You Watching In Black And White….


“FIFA and UEFA had previously sought to avoid both teams playing in dark or light shirts, as it made it more difficult for people watching on black and white television to distinguish between the two teams.”


The Republic of Ireland Will Wear Traditional Green In Their ‘Away’ Clash With Spain at EURO 2012 (RTE)

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21 thoughts on “For Those Of You Watching In Black And White….

  1. Paudie Kelly

    they should always wear green anyway, the “away” strip should only be used if there’s a clash of colours.

    1. RainyDay

      +1 Old news this. Makes sense too with the majority of TV’s in developing countries being black and white.

  2. cross-eyed cow

    Why not Orange once in a while? Or even Blue, the historical colour of Ireland?

    Or Orange and Blue, which would look great.

    1. rotide

      “For those of you watching in Black and White, Scotland are playing left to right, while Nigeria are playing right to left”

    2. Seamus Ryan

      Ted Lowe. Comedy gold.

      John Motson said something similar in 1977: “For those of you watching in black and white, Spurs are playing in yellow”

  3. nicorigo

    Like they care.
    The color White has probably been bought by the Real Madrid or something.
    Greedy f**ks…

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