Meanwhile, In Killiney


Outside ‘Kilbarron’, St Matthias Wood, Killiney, Co Dublin, this afternoon.

Day 2.


Killiney Eviction Raised In Dáil (Eoin Burke Kennedy and Joanne Hunt, Irish Times)

(Eamon Farrell/Photocall Ireland)

38 thoughts on “Meanwhile, In Killiney

  1. Buddyg

    gobshites. I think they have misread public feeling on this one. The media have fallen for them completely as usual.

  2. Cloud

    What do they expect is going to happen? “The Banks” are going to come and apologise, give them their keys and say you’re right, it’s not your fault. Here, keep the house, we’ve got plenty”?

  3. robbgoblin

    They took a 2 million euro mortgage. TWO MILLION. And had a portfolio of properties.

    No sympathy, pay your debts.

    And I also notice the other evictions, that happened in the countryside, and to poor people, weren’t raised in the Dáil. Goddamn Ireland, sometimes I hate you.

    1. robbgoblin

      It’s not begrudgery; it’s simply stating that on 3.2 million euro valued house, they took out a 2 million euro mortgage, which is sizeable sum for anybody and hence a sizeable risk. They invested their money in the property market, which like all investments, is also a risk. I feel sorry for them that in their old age they are being turfed out unceremoniously from their house, but come on! There has to be some responsibility for what you do!

    2. AnRastaSasta

      Are you serious? Do you really think that Liveline represents anything closerly resembling public opinion. They screen calls to try and get the most “entertainment” out of it. Not to mention if you took a look at their target audience you’ll find the vast majority are eldery housebounds.
      Totally agree with you on the begrudgery though.

  4. Dec

    You’re assuming the couple themselves are living in the tent. Maybe they just pitched the tent there, had a photo call with the press and then fecked off to one of their other properties for the night?

    1. RoverK

      If they’ve tenants residing in any of their other properties though, they can’t just wade in and demand to stay there. It would breach the tenancy/landlord contract. They may not have an empty property.

      1. KP

        True…..but given that it appears they have been in mortgage bother for 3-4 years (The bank have been trying to get them out for 2 years, and it takes 12-18 months of court\paper work before reaching that point), one would imagine that the lease on at least one of their 18 properties came up for renewal during that period.

  5. I Really should be Working

    Oh God ODS are gone so now Broadsheet are rowing in behind these people who are part of the problem.

  6. Ahh feck

    I wonder how many tent pegs they broke trying to hammer them into the road? Idiots.

    I’m currently in over €200k negative equity, when I signed my mortgage agreement I was fully aware that if I didn’t pay it, the bank would take it back.

  7. Mollie

    I see a nice green area going to waste, let us all bring out the christian in us, those of us who are christian and invite the refugees from Dale farm to a safe haven in the motherland.

  8. @FrillyKeane

    Wouldn’t it be great to see their supporters join them. Fill up that green area with shacks n tarps. Light a barrel bona’ or three.
    And get that tent a pallet.

    Lovely (and private) spot for a camp site. Just right for a sing song too

  9. DeclanR

    I heard he is a landlord. It would be interesting to know if his current/past treatment of his tenants differs from that which he has received.

  10. caimin

    That’s an absolutely gorgeous house, I’d love to move my family into it.
    Problem is, I can’t afford it
    So thats that.

    1. Zaccone

      You should just get a massive mortgage that in 5 years time you’ll be completely unable to repay. Its a faultless plan.

  11. Paul

    If they have 20 other places – do they earn €20,000 per month and is this nearly 1/4 million per year?

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