Stop Saying That


LD writes:

Fine Gael Senator Paul Bradford (above) has said the phrase ‘We are where we are’ 17 times in the House. More than twice as many times as anyone else. He also says “to use an awful phrase/cliche” six times before using it. He also said in 2009 that it was “out of date”. He would go on to use the phrase ten more times after that.

Take it away, Paddy Cullivan (thanks, Bibi)

‘We are where we are’ most used (

(Leon Farrell/Photocall Ireland)

20 thoughts on “Stop Saying That

    1. GarPublic

      you that’s bad?

      click the link and type in “going forward”

      it was like the phrase of the decade for FFers

      1. GarPublic

        woops, that should read “you *think* that’s bad?”

        and it is bad!
        Mary Hanafin clocked up a whopping 155!

  1. Jockstrap

    “We are where we are”

    The white noise head in the sand response to accusations of corruption and criminality of the professional class.

  2. Escobar

    It could be just my mood today, but Paul Bradford’s stupid face is grating on me (not literally or I’d have to beat him with his own shoes).
    Wait, wait! He looks like Samantha Brick with short hair. In fairness Paul probably looks better in a little blue number.

  3. Instant Karma Police 'n' Thieves

    The Seanad – where failed politicians go to continue failing!

    When are we shutting that place down?

    1. Escobar

      I really hate that saying, ”going forward”. And I hate that fat tramp Cowen even more now for using it so much. People who haven’t got a scooby doo what they are on about use it a lot. They think that random bullshit infused with management speak will give the impression they know what they are on about.

    2. anoes

      And Batt O’Keeffe is the runaway winner in the ‘in the current economic climate’ category

      1. Phil Hogans Inability To Understand The Basic Facts

        Try ‘at the end of the day’ and see.

        Cowen again.

  4. Mass lover...

    I’m surprised nobody has mentioned that he’s Lucinda Creighton’s wife, or have they?

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